Trailer hitches are outstanding vehicle exterior accessories designed to effectively tow the heaviest equipment. TDot Performance is the most reputable dealer in Canada if you're looking to purchase a new and highly-efficient trailer hitch. We have fifth-wheel hitches, trailer hitch receivers, hitch balls, and many others to suit your specific needs.


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The type of trailer hitch you will need will depend on the possible load sizes and maximum weight requirements of the trailer. Getting the right trailer hitch is essential to tow safely.

Hitches are divided into four categories each of which will have a maximum torque weight as well as a maximum gross trailer weight. Depending on your vehicle type the maximum limits for your car may be less than the maximum limits for that class. That is because a particular vehicle's weight capacity and the physical strength of the hitch structure have to be taken into account when a manufacturer rates a hitch. A small vehicle might have a hitch with a 100 lb. rating whilst a larger car might have the same hitch, but it will be rated at 200 lbs. The torque weight limit will also change if a weight distributing system is used.

Fixed tongue hitches are permanently installed and remain in place even when not towing. The main disadvantage of this type of hitch is that the tongue sticks out when it is not in use. A tongue hitch may also only be used as a weight-carrying hitch.

A receiver style hitch has a ball mount that can be removed when the hitch is not in use. This is the most popular style of hitch and is often seen on SUVs and vans. It is the best type of trailer hitch to use if you want to use cargo racks, motorcycle racks or bike racks. Class I and II receivers may only be used as weight carrying hitches, whereas Class III and IV may be used either for weight carrying or weight distribution if a weight distribution system is added. Receivers can be installed on the front or back of a vehicle. Curt Manufacturing, Reese, Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch offer a variety of styles and class options. These brands are well-tested and reliable in any towing situations.

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