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Trailer winches and truck winches are engineered to give you the pulling power you need to overcome tough and rigorous work. If it's the latest and most efficient winches you're looking for then there's no doubt that TDot Performance is the best retailer for the job. As an authorized and highly-regarded automotive parts dealer in Canada, we carry a large collection of winches to accommodate different specifics.


If you use your truck or SUV for any kind of serious work, chances are that you need it to have all the tools and features to get the job done. Adding a winch to your truck is an option well worth considering, and it could come in handy in a wide range of situations.

What Winch Options Are Available?

There are several different winch options available. Among the most common types of winches are the following three choices:

  1. Hydraulic Winch: These are the true workhorses of the winch world, and will provide the highest level of power and torque. They will use a 12-volt motor to draw power for operation, but the winch is driven by hydraulic power for serious results. They are made from quality materials (usually stainless steel) and will be sealed against the weather to prevent damage, rust, and more.
  2. Electric Winch: These are smaller, more affordable options that can still deliver significant pulling power. They too operate with a 12V motor that uses electrical currents to turn the spool. Because they're smaller, electric winches fit more easily on a wider range of vehicles.
  3. Comp Series: Smittybilt offers a Comp Series winch that utilizes amphibious technology to totally seal the winch motor in. They are made to be waterproof and use a 5.5 HP motor to deliver the pull power you need. Due to their watertight design, they are often preferred for marine usage, but work well for other outdoor jobs as well.

Each of these options works well for a variety of tasks, including removing logs or debris from property, towing other vehicles out of mud, applying pressure to different objects on a job site, and much more.

Other Considerations When Buying A Winch

Along with the specific type of winch that you choose to buy, you'll also need to make sure that you consider a number of other points. Important considerations will include the following.

  • Method of Control: Most winches are controlled through the use of a remote control. Pay attention to how long the range is on the control and the quality of its design.
  • Cable Length: Winches will come with a pre-spooled length of cable. Make sure that you know the total length of the cable to ensure you get one that is long enough to get the job done.
  • Pulling Power: Most winches will be rated for "line pull strength”, which is essentially the amount of pressure the winch can pull when fully engaged. 2000 lbs. is generally the minimum amount of power, while some winches can handle pulling more than 12,000 lbs.
  • Mounting: Finally, consider how the winch will mount to your vehicle, and whether or not it'll actually fit. Many winches are made to have a universal fit, while others could require resizing for your specific vehicle.

Winches in Canada

TDot Performance carries a wide range of winches from leading brands such as Mile Marker, WARN, and Westin. We guarantee the lowest prices in Canada with free shipping to your door. On all shipments, our customers do not pay any customs, duties, or border fees.