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FORD F-250

The history of the Ford F-Series began more than 65 years ago when the legendary American automobile manufacturer introduced the first F-Series model called Ford Bonus-Built. During its long history, the Ford F-Series has enjoyed great popularity all over the world and has won a lot of awards. The Ford F-Series is one of the best-selling vehicle series in the world. One of the most awesome full-sized pickup trucks offered by Ford F-Series is the F-250 model.

The Ford F-Series were manufactured in thirteen generations. The first Ford F-250 models appeared in the second generation (1953–56) when the F-2 and F-3 models were combined into the F-250. During the fourth generation (1961–66), Ford introduced an entirely new platform with a Twin-I-Beam front suspension. This platform was utilized on the Ford F-250 until 2016. The fifth generation of the F-Series came in 1967 with an improved exterior and more engine options.

The sixth generation (1973–79) featured new front brakes, upgraded heating, and air conditioning as well as many other improvements. During the eighth generation of the F-Series, the Ford F-250 was equipped with a new 5-speed manual overdrive and 4-speed electronically controlled transmissions. In 1994 (the ninth generation), Ford presented new redesigned direct injection turbodiesel engines for both the F-250 and F-350 models. Four years later (in the tenth generation), the Ford F-250’s body style was greatly modified. As a result, the F-250 model, along with the F-350 was included in Ford’s Super Duty series. Today, Ford still manufactures the F-250 as a Super Duty model.

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Tonneau covers, grille protectors, winches, and many other exterior accessories make certain that your ride is prepared to handle the toughest driving conditions. We also have interior accessories like pedal pads, custom gauges, floor liners, and door sills. Furthermore, we have headlights, fog lights, and many other lighting upgrades as well as aftermarket wheels and fundamental automotive tools. Shipment to your location is free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees and since we’re an authorized retailer of prestigious aftermarket brands, we certify that all your purchases are authentic and brand-new. Buy your Ford F-250 Parts from TDot Performance and guarantee the biggest bang for your buck.