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Ford is an international designer and manufacturer of high-end cars, trucks, SUVs, and performance vehicles. Ford’s huge line-up of modern vehicles includes the EcoSport, Mustang, Escape, Ranger, and, Expedition. All of which integrate advanced driving technology and superior craftsmanship to generate a smoother handling, refined aesthetics, and a sturdy build. Established by the creative mind of Henry Ford, the Ford Brand has continuously evolved through the years, becoming a true standard bearer and industry leader when it comes to automotive vehicles. Ford is based in Dearborn, Michigan and its products are distributed all over the globe.

Enjoy the very best Ford parts and accessories

With the automotive industry constantly growing, a huge amount of aftermarket parts and accessories have been produced to further elevate Ford’s performance to a whole new level. Whether you need performance parts like air filters, batteries, fuel systems, exhaust systems, brake kits, carburetors, distributors, or complete air intake systems, TDot Performance is a reliable retailer that offers the best prices in all of Canada. We carry exterior accessories like bike racks, billet grilles, body kits, car covers, side mirrors, and winches to enhance driving efficiency and protection while interior accessories like car seats, floor liners, and pedal pads maintain a cleaner interior. We also carry precisely fitted lighting components, wheels, caliper covers, lug nuts, and locks, as well as high-quality automotive tools. TDot Performance carries thousands of high-quality resilient components to suit any driving personality and effectively replace factory variants. These upgrades are thoroughly made to be outstandingly durable and have an extensive lifespan. As a verified retailer of the most well-regarded aftermarket brands, TDot Performance certifies authentic, brand new and properly sealed Ford Parts and Accessories.

A proudly Canadian Brand, TDot Performance highly recommends Ford owners to maximize the superior engineering of their vehicles. We are trusted by top aftermarket brands such as Flowtech, BBK Performance, Lund, Kooks Headers, and EBC Brakes to provide all the driving upgrades needed by the modern driver. Buy your Ford Parts and Accessories today and significantly elevate the performance of your premium ride to a whole new level.