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The famous American Automobile manufacturer Ford has used the nameplate “Ranger” for three completely different model lines of vehicles. At first “Ranger” referred to the Edsel Ranger car, which however was short-lived. During the period between model years 1965 and 1981, “Ranger” was used for a version of the Ford F-Series pickup truck that was sold in North America.

In 1982, Ford has introduced a compact pickup truck that was named “Ford Ranger” and was sold mainly in North America. The Ranger was manufactured in two generations. The first generation (1982–1992) was offered only as a standard cab with a short bed at the beginning, but it was improved during the period 1988–1992. The second and final generation (1992–2012) came with completely new styling that was further bettered in 1998. In 2012, Ford Rangers were discontinued in North America. However, several years earlier, in 1998, Ford has presented a separate model of Ranger that was sold internationally. This new model of Ford Ranger was manufactured in three generations and is still available nowadays.

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