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Geo is a renowned designer and manufacturer of compact cars and SUVs. The brand was marketed by the prestigious General Motors Corporation from 1989 to 1997. Geo has produced reliable vehicles like the Metro, the Tracker, and the Prizm. These vehicles are the end result of a joint venture between three well-regarded Japanese Automobile Manufacturers, namely: Suzuki, Isuzu, and Toyota. All these vehicles boast effortless drivability and a sleek appearance. Even though Geo Motors is no longer being produced, its excellent engineering allows owners to continuously use them. In order to maintain their reliability and driving quality, the automotive industry has produced a variety of aftermarket upgrades that suitably replace factory components.

For the best parts and accessories for the Geo, TDot Performance has got you covered. With our large collection of air intake systems, exhaust systems, brake upgrades, batteries, engine components, suspension systems, and performance chips, we give your ride improved breathability, a more efficient engine, and smoother driving experience. We carry robust exterior accessories like off-road bumpers, bug deflectors, and side mirrors for better functionality and aesthetics. Adding to that, we have interior accessories such as floor mats, cargo liners, and sunshades keep your vehicle’s insides clean. Excellent auxiliary lights and replacement bulbs are provided to generate superb visibility on any driving condition. Furthermore, TDot Performance also carries all the essential installation tools you need for the proper integration of these components.

TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of the most highly regarded manufacturers of automotive aftermarket components. We are trusted by brands like Hella, K&N, Magnaflow, Stoptech, and Thule to distribute their latest upgrades for the Geo. We certify the best prices and when you buy your Geo Parts and Accessories from us, they are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.


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