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An all-time classic, the Honda Civic represents both style and substance. After arriving on North American shores in the mid-'70s, the Civic has become etched in automotive history. Initially, Honda offered coupe, three-door, five-door hatchback, and five-door station wagon options. Under the hood, there was a 4-cylinder engine and standard features such as bucket seats and AM radio were also available.

Some factors that made the Civic unique were the completely independent suspension and the extra room it offered for passengers. Most of all, the Civic was very fuel-efficient. The North American population had found a car worth buying. The second generation of Honda Civics arrived in 1980, introducing changes such as a larger body and an engine with greater power. As the '90s approached, the Civic had become a household name. With a slick new look, the Civic was beginning to attract a younger population which would make Honda's foothold in the automotive industry even stronger.

With each year that passes, the Honda Civic goes from strength to strength. Synonymous with reliability and smooth performance, the Honda Civic has been recognized many times since its arrival on the scene. The Civic has won International Car of the Year in 2005, Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2006, and has been named on the Car and Driver's "Ten Best" list six times. The 2015 version of the Honda Civic Sedan continues to amaze with its spectacular features. The sleek and crisply sculpted exterior is complemented by 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels for a polished, stunning appearance. On the inside, the heated leather seats and five-person seating allows for limitless comfort while on the road. Finally, Honda has left no stone unturned on the safety front as the Honda LaneWatch allows for crystal clear blind spot clarity while the Vehicle Stability Assist provides immediate stability support when the car is over or under-steered.

TDot Performance is your ideal source for the latest Honda Civic Accessories and Parts. As a trusted retailer, we understand what customers need in their car and we never compromise on quality. Our top-notch selection of Honda Civic accessories come with the best prices in all of Canada, ensuring you can experience top performance at an affordable cost. Boost this modern compact ride’s power and handling by upgrading it with new air intake systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems, suspension components. and brake upgrades.

We carry exterior accessories like bike racks, bug deflectors, and trailer hitches to improve the Civic’s functionality and appearance. We also have interior accessories such as floor mats, cargo liners, custom gauges, steering wheels, and car seats to maintain a cleaner look on the inside. High-quality lighting components such as off-road lights, headlights, and taillights guarantee superb illumination for a safer drive at night. As one of the most well-regarded automotive dealers in Canada, TDot Performance certifies fast shipment and outstanding customer service when you buy your Honda Civic Parts from us.