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Fifteen years ago, South Korean automaker Hyundai started producing a new line of mid-size 5-door SUVs called "Santa Fe" (the name was inspired by the city of Santa Fe in New Mexico). The Santa Fe became Hyundai’s best-selling model in the USA. At times, the demand was so big that Hyundai had trouble supplying it. Since its birth, the Hyundai Santa Fe was manufactured in three generations.

The first-generation (2000–2006) was built on the Hyundai-Kia Y4 platform. In the beginning, the Hyundai Santa Fe was available with a front-wheel-drive and two engine options – a 2.4L I4 Hyundai engine and 2.7L Delta V6 173 hp. More engine options were offered later. It also had three types of transmission available– a 4-speed automatic, 5-speed automatic, and 5-speed manual transmission.

The second-generation (2006–2012) came with a new design and more engine and transmission options. The vehicles from this generation were provided with additional safety features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), side-curtain airbags for all seating rows, a tire pressure monitor, active front head restraints, and anti-lock brakes. The interior was also improved with new blue-lit dashboard controls and higher quality leather (for Limited models).

The third generation was launched in 2012. It comes with a new design and two wheelbase variants: a shorter 5-seat Sport variant and the long-wheelbase version Santa Fe XL. The XL model is available with three seat rows to accommodate six or seven passengers. The design modifications in the third generation include a unique grille appearance, optional 19-inch alloy wheels, and flush dual exhaust tips. This newest generation is also equipped with an all four-cylinder engine lineup and 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

TDot Performance carries all the newest aftermarket components you need to set your ride apart from the crowd. We are the most trusted dealer of the very best Hyundai Santa Fe Accessories and Parts. Our large selection will ensure that your vehicle makes an instant impact anywhere and everywhere it goes. For a huge boost in power coupled with better vehicle handling, we highly recommend integrating new air intake systems, exhaust systems, ignition systems, performance chips, and suspension systems. We offer new brake rotors, brake pads, and brake kits to improve the Santa Fe’s stoppage power.

To further showcase the Santa Fe’s aggressive personality as well as give it more features, we carry exterior accessories like grille protectors, running boards, and roof racks. We also have interior accessories like floor mats, cargo liners, and seat covers to give this rugged SUV, a cleaner inside appearance. For better visibility and a safer drive at darker environments, we offer auxiliary lights, headlights, taillights, and many other lighting upgrades. When you buy your Hyundai Santa Fe Parts and Accessories from us, you’re guaranteed the best prices in all of Canada coupled with a quick shipment. As an authorized seller, TDot Performance honors all the warranties provided by the original manufacturer.


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