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In 1990, Infiniti, a division of the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan, introduced a new line of compact executive/entry-level luxury cars that was named the “G-Series”. In its lifespan, the G-Series came in four generations. The Infiniti G35 is a part of this series and was manufactured sometime in the third and fourth generation.

The Infiniti G35 was released in 2003 which was the beginning of the third generation Infiniti G-Series. The Infiniti G35 is a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan and a badge-engineered export version of the JDM V35 Nissan Skyline. The G35 was created as a replacement of the previous model, the G20, but was much bigger and more powerful in comparison. The Infiniti G35 is based on the Nissan FM platform and is available with a front-midship engine and rear-wheel-drive layout. An AWD model with automatic transmission, called the G35x, was introduced later. The 2005 and 2006 G35 featured a refreshed interior, improved exterior, and new brakes with bigger discs and a modified caliper design.

In 2007, the G35 came with several significant structural upgrades that elevated its body rigidity by 40%. A new model, named G35 Journey, featured a 5-speed automatic transmission. Overall, the Infiniti G35 provides a perfect mixture of attractive appearance and high performance. In 2009, the G35 model was replaced by the new Infiniti G37.

TDot Performance is the complete retailer for the newest Infiniti G35 Accessories and Parts. We understand what customers need to unlock their ride’s full potential and we never compromise on quality. To give the sporty G35 a huge boost in power and performance, we recommend installing new air intake systems, exhaust systems, cooling systems, suspension systems, fuel systems, and performance chips from renowned manufacturers like Borla, Brembo, Husky Liners, and Magnaflow.

We improve the G35’s outside appearance as well as add a new feature through a wide range of exterior accessories such as roof racks, trailer hitches, sunroof deflectors, and wiper blades. We also have floor mats, car seats, custom gauges, and many other interior accessories to keep the G35’s insides looking sharp. For improved visibility and a safer drive at night, we offer a selection of auxiliary lights, headlights, and many other lighting upgrades. As a trusted retailer, we guarantee a fast shipment system and reliable customer service when you buy your Infiniti G35 Parts from us. Furthermore, our top-notch selection of Infiniti G35 Parts and Accessories come with the best prices in all of Canada, ensuring you can experience top performance at an affordable cost.


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