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A standard car may have a gauge supplied by the manufacturer, but if you really want to know how your car is performing then you will need to purchase some custom gauges. Gauges tell you everything you want to know about your car. If you have just installed a new racing engine then gauges will let you find out information such as how much fuel is remaining, how fast you are travelling, if your engine is becoming too hot and many more characteristics of your engine that will enable you to monitor the condition and performance of your car.

Custom gauges will enable you to create a car information centre that will impress. To monitor your car's performance you need precise and up-to-date information on your car. When purchasing custom gauges it is important to buy a quality gauge from a reputable manufacturer. Custom gauges come in a range of colours and styles and they add a touch of racing style to any vehicle.

Fuel air gauges monitor may be used for power tuning or monitoring the overall fuel tune of an engine during daily driving. The units are mounted in the interior of the vehicle and are wired so that when the engine is running the gauge is powered up. Air fuel gauges are useful for maximizing the reliability, power and mileage of modified vehicles. Knock gauges measure detonation or knock which is the result to over fuelling, mistuning, too much boost or inadequate cooling. Tachometers are a rev counter. The tachometer measures engine revolutions per minute. Drivers of performance cars use these gauges to time shift, to know when their engine is in its power band and to prevent them from over-revving the engine and destroying the motor. When a car is running all its components get hot including the transmission and other vital components. Temperature gauges allow you to keep an eye on the temperature.

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