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Carpet floor mats provide an effortless means of giving your cabin an upgrade in style and protection. If you're looking to purchase high-quality floor mats and other beneficial interior accessories, TDot Performance guarantees the lowest prices and the best deals in all of Canada.

Carpet floor mats are engineered to provide reliable protection to your vehicle's flooring. Rubber and vinyl floor mats aren't the only options when it comes to shielding your interiors from spills, mud, and snow. Carpet mats are an excellent and cost-efficient replacement to factory variants that are just not enough to defend your cabin from stains and spots. Apart from safeguarding your carpet, these floor mats enhance your interiors in terms of style and feel. These floor mats are made from a range of materials which include nylon and sheepskin. They come in different colors and styles to match your ride's inside appearance. Some even have additional padding for better cushioning and reduced noise.

TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of the industry's best manufacturers of carpet mats which include Covercraft, Lund, and BedRug among others. We have a large selection of custom fit carpet mats which means they are precisely cut to shield as much of the floor area as possible. We guarantee the lowest prices and the best deals you'll ever find in the Canadian Region. Shipment to your location is quick and comes without any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. Since we are a verified retailer, you can be certain that all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer are duly honored. If you need any help with the top carpet floor mats in today's market, feel free to call us at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at

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