Pedal pads are subtle yet efficient interior accessories that improve your ride's look and ensure a more comfortable driving experience. A proudly Canadian brand, TDot Performance offers a large collection of pedal pads and pedal covers to suit different needs. We make certain that these upgrades are made using high-quality resilient materials and are coupled with the lowest prices.


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Why Invest in New Pedal Pads?

Thinking of giving your interiors a new look? One of the best places to start is the pedals. They may sound insignificant, but pedals have the ability to completely alter the interior image of your vehicle. Considering that you have your foot on them all the time, pedals are guaranteed to wear out, ruining the image of your interiors. If you've invested in new gauges and seat covers, your trampled-up pedals will definitely stand out for the worse. You could replace them with the same factory pads, but why not consider custom pedal pads to really stand out from the crowd? Don't wait any longer, have a look at our wide selection of custom pedal pads and enhance the image of your vehicle!

Perfect Pedal Pads At Your Feet

Renovating the interiors of your car? Weather you're looking for the perfect place to start or just want to put the cherry on top of the cake, new pedal pads is the way to go. And if you've decided to start with pedal pads, TDot Performance is your best bet. We carry top-of-the-line pedal pads that will be an exquisite addition to your new interior. Consider pedal pads from Putco, one of our premium brands for pedal pads. Putco pedal pads are made from lightweight aluminum for added durability, strength and resistance to corrosion. The aggressive rubber nubs ensure maximum friction against your foot, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride while adding a sporty accent to your interiors.

Pedal Pads in Canada

Are you ready to start reinventing the interiors of your car? If so, then look no further than TDot Performance, your one-stop shop for pedal pads in Canada. Available to you are top brands such as Ford Racing, Putco, and Spectre Performance. Re-imagine the sleek interiors of your dream car and allow us to make that dream a reality. Don't forget, we offer absolutely free shipping to those ordering from Canadian addresses!