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The Isuzu Brand is a well regarded Japanese manufacturer of commercial trucks, cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. From the incredibly resilient D-Max pickup to their reliable F-Series trucks, Isuzu vehicles place great emphasis on smooth and comfortable drivability. This company makes certain of a relaxed and safe driving experience whether it’s a daily drive to work or a weekend road trip with loved ones. To optimize the performance of Isuzu Vehicles, car enthusiasts turn to automotive aftermarket brands such as Holley, Diablosport, Hawk Performance, and Superchips to produce superior upgrades that appropriately replace stock components.

When it comes to the best prices and biggest deals for the latest and most efficient Isuzu Parts and Accessories, there’s not a more trusted seller in Canada than TDot Performance. As an authorized dealer, TDot Performance guarantees sturdy and long-lasting upgrades that produce an accurate fit for your specific Isuzu model. Our quick shipment system makes certain that purchases reach your location in Canada in only three to five working days. What’s more, our online site is easy to navigate so you can be certain of a quick means of buying your Isuzu Parts.

To boost power and maximize the performance of your Isuzu, TDot Performance offers air intake systems and air filters to significantly improve airflow. We have high-quality fuel filters and other fuel components to ensure consistent engine operations. Other performance upgrades we carry include ignitions systems, performance chips, exhaust systems, brake parts, and engine components. Incredibly durable and great-looking interior accessories like floor mats and custom gauges, as well as exterior upgrades such as off-road bumpers and body kits, are made available to completely protect your vehicle from potential damage and to bestow a more aggressive appearance. Superior illumination on night drives and dark roads is sure to be provided thanks to our wide range of auxiliary lights, off-road lights, replacement bulbs, and many other lighting components. Furthermore, TDot Performance also sells caliper covers, automotive tools, and essential garage accessories.


Because Isuzu vehicles are so hardwearing, many older models are still on the road, like the classic Isuzu Hombre pick-up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it- but if you want to update the look a little, we've got a great set of replacement wheels and trims to add a bit of modern style to that classic old Hombre.


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