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The Jeep Brand is highly regarded for its outstanding collection of full-sized and crossover SUVs. Whether you’re driving across forests, beaches or cities, the Jeep certifies a smooth and comfortable driving experience. These SUVs incorporate the latest in engine technology and exceptional craftsmanship to produce an aggressive appearance and reliable performance. In order to maximize the Jeep’s drivability on any driving condition and certify that it suits today’s driving standards, the car enthusiast turns to high-quality aftermarket upgrades to get the job done.

TDot Performance provides car enthusiasts in Canada that latest and most innovative Jeep Parts and Accessories to maintain the rare SUV’s driving quality and unlock its full potential. We offer progressive air intake systems, exhaust systems, ignition systems, performance chips, fuel systems and, engine components to unlock the full potential of these SUVs. Complete air intake systems and air filters place emphasis on better engine breathability for improved power and performance. We carry a huge array of exterior accessories from hard and soft tops to fender flares, roof racks, spoilers, nerf bars, and off-road bumpers to enhance the Jeep’s look and functionality. All the Jeep Parts and Accessories carried by TDot Performance are meticulously engineered to generate a precise fit and to last a long time.

TDot Performance is an authorized vendor of the most prestigious brands in the automotive aftermarket industry. We carry excellent products by Flowmaster, Rancho, Smittybilt, Spectre Performance and, many others. All the Jeep Components we carry are guaranteed to have the best prices in all of Canada. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. There are no customs, duties or brokerage fees. To top it off, when you buy your Jeep Parts and Accessories from us, all the included warranties provided by the original manufacturer are duly honored.