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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of JENSEN Ignition Combo Kits parts and accessories in Canada

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Ignition Combo Kits



The first Jensen automobiles were manufactured in 1934, with the company ceasing operations in 1976. Jensen manufactured high-performance sports cars that strongly appealed to driving enthusiasts.

In 1982, production began again on the Mk IV model, with an average of 11 cars being manufactured per month. Another attempted revival that began in 2001 did not last long, and production stopped again in 2002.

TDot Performance makes it easy to add performance features to your Jensen. As Canada’s largest source of Jensen performance parts, Tdot Performance has parts available for the following Jensen models: 541, 541R, 541S, C-V8, Healey and Interceptor.

Air intake systems

A large selection of air filters, air intake parts and intake manifolds is available for your Jensen.


You have many choices available for brake kits, brake master cylinders, brake pads and brake rotors.

Cooling systems

Choose from a wide selection of coolant hoses, coolant tanks, radiators, cooling fans, cooling parts and water pumps.

Engine components

Choose from a wide selection of cylinder heads, oil filters, engine parts, timing covers, valve train parts and valve covers.

Exhaust systems

TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of exhaust gaskets, headers and complete exhaust systems.


TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of air filters, fuel filters and oil filters.

Fuel systems

Choose from a wide selection of fuel system parts, fuel filters, fuel pumps and carburetors.

Ignition systems

Choose from a wide selection of ignition coils, spark plug wires and spark plugs.

Transmission and drivetrain

Choose from a wide selection of transmission and drivetrain parts, including transmission pans, transmission shifters and transmission oil coolers.

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