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Kia Motors is renowned for engineering a huge variety of outstanding sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. This international brand is one of South Korea’s largest automobile manufacturers. From the elegant Kia Fortes to the roomy and family-friendly Sportage, the company makes use of the latest technologies to give users a more dynamic and comfortable driving experience. Car aficionados take the excellent quality of the Kia to a different level by installing the most innovative aftermarket upgrades.

When it comes to where to buy the latest Kia Parts and Accessories, TDot Performance is the trusted retailer that carries the industry’s most highly regarded upgrades. Replacing various engine components or even the transmission and drivetrain could be necessary at a certain point in your Kia's life. You may also just want to tinker around under the hood for the sake of it, in order to modify your Kia vehicle to your own tastes. A proudly Canadian brand, we offer a huge collection of reliable and precise components to appropriately suit different needs. In order to enhance your Kia’s power and driving efficiency, we recommend installing one of our top-quality air intake systems, ignition systems, exhaust systems, engine components, cooling systems, and braking components. These performance upgrades are built using the most resilient materials so you can expect them to work exceptionally and consistently. TDot Performance improves your Kia’s looks and optimizes its functionality through superb exterior accessories like bug deflectors, running boards and, spare tire carriers. We also protect your vehicle’s insides from dirt and generate a cleaner appearance through interior accessories such as floor mats and seat covers. For better drivability at night, we have fog lights, headlights, auxiliary lights, and many other lighting components to provide superb illumination.

Enhanced performance

TDot Performance is an authorized seller of top aftermarket designers and manufacturers such as ARB, AEM, Yakima, Timbren, and Flowmaster. We guarantee that all the Kia Parts and Accessories you purchase from us are authentic, fully sealed and come with the best prices you’ll ever find in Canada. What’s more, these aftermarket upgrades come with the official warranty provided by the manufacturer.