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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of LAMBORGHINI Brake Pads parts and accessories in Canada

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The first Lamborghini automobiles were manufactured in 1963. Lamborghini manufactures luxury sports cars that are marketed to driving enthusiasts. The company has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to style and engineering, and has had great success on the Formula One racing circuit.

TDot Performance makes it easy for you to add performance features to your Lamborghini. As Canada’s largest source of performance parts, TDot Performance has parts available for the following Lamborghini models: 350GT, 400GT, Aventador, Countach, Diablo, Espada, Gallardo, Huracan, Islero, Jalpa, Jarama, LM002, Miura, Murcielago, Silhouette and Urraco.

Air intake systems

A selection of ten air intake systems is available for your Lamborghini.


You can choose from a selection of Optima RedTop, YellowTop and BlueTop high-performance AGM batteries.


You have many choices available for brake kits, brake pads and brake rotors.

Engine components

Choose from a wide selection of cylinder head stud kits, underdrive pulley sets, motor mounts, oil filters and valve covers.

Exhaust systems

TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of catalytic converters and complete exhaust systems.


TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of air filters, oil filters and filter wrap.

Fuel systems

Choose from a wide selection of oil-catch cans, throttle body boosters, throttle body spacers, fuel filters and fuel pumps.

Ignition systems

Choose from a wide selection of ignition coils, spark plug wires and spark plugs.

Suspension systems

TDot Performance offers an excellent selection of suspension system parts, including coilover kits, shocks, struts, lowering kits, air spring kits and alignment kits.

Other products

TDot Performance also offers a selection of car covers, sun shades, light covers and replacement bulbs for Lamborghini vehicles.

If you have any questions, use our online help form, email us at or call us toll-free on 1-800-276-7566.