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The Lincoln Brand is highly regarded for producing refined and incomparable luxury cars, crossovers, and SUVs. A division of American Automotive giants, Ford, Lincoln incorporates superior craftsmanship and modern technology to bring forth a top-level driving quality that’s both safe and comfortable. The company was established sometime in 1917 and has since then engineered a large variety of vintage models that stand out from the crowd. Lincoln’s line-up consists of the sleek Nautilus SUV, the dominant Navigator SUV, and the inimitable Continental Sedan. To maximize the performance of your Lincoln, the car enthusiast turns to high-quality aftermarket upgrades to get the job done.

At TDot Performance, you are guaranteed the best prices for the most innovative Lincoln Parts and Accessories. We carry a huge variety of fuel systems, cooling systems, engine components, batteries, air intake systems, air filters, and exhaust systems that bestow a massive boost in power and performance once integrated. Our suspension system upgrades and performance chips let your luxury ride adapt to any driving condition. We also make certain that braking performance is consistently excellent thanks to our huge selection of brake pads, brake rotors, and complete brake kits. TDot Performance carries roof racks, bike racks, fender flares, mud flaps, running boards, chrome trims, and many other exterior accessories to significantly improve Lincoln’s functionality and appearance. Adding to that, we also have interior accessories like floor mats, pedal pads, and custom gauges which generate a cleaner look to your vehicle’s insides. Furthermore, our large collection of lighting components like headlights, taillights, and auxiliary lights amplify driving visibility at night.

TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian retailer of the latest aftermarket components and solutions by international aftermarket companies like BD Diesel, Flowtech, Injen, Mishimoto, and Pro Comp. We certify that there are no hidden fees when you buy your Lincoln Parts from us. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. To top it off, we honor every warranty bestowed by the original manufacturer.