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The Mazda brand is known globally for its extensive collection of highly efficient cars, trucks and, SUVs. The company’s vehicle designs place a huge emphasis on a smoother, safer, and more comfortable driving experience. Mazda Vehicles are ideal driving solutions for everyday drivers, race enthusiasts, and any other road personality. From their Protégé Family Car to the CX-5 Crossover SUV to the B4000 pickup truck, Mazda has made certain that all of their vehicles are designed using the most innovative driving technology. To maintain the Mazda’s reliability as well as take its performance to the next level, high-quality aftermarket upgrades have been engineered to exceed the expectations of the modern driver.

Rotary engine

From the 1960s onwards Mazda developed the Wankel rotary engine as a powerful but lightweight alternative to the piston engines used in traditional motor vehicles. Although Mazda does still produce piston-powered vehicles, it has also maintained its commitment to the rotary engine. In the 1970s the Mazda Rotary Pickup became the only pick-up truck to be successfully powered by a Wankel rotary engine. Many are still in use today and TDot performance continues to supply the spare parts needed by Rotary Pickup owners.

Pioneering technology

The rotary engine is also used in the R7 and R8 Mazda sports cars, both of which we are also able to supply parts for. Mazda continued to innovate in the 1990s when it brought in the Miller Cycle engine for the Mazda Millenia luxury sedan. Today Mazda is a pioneer of SkyActiv technology for an improved and more environmentally friendly driving experience.

Mazda Parts and Accessories

When it comes to where to buy your Mazda Parts and Accessories, TDot Performance is the proudly Canadian dealer that ensures a precise fit to your specific needs. If you’re aiming to boost the power and performance of your Mazda, we offer the most outstanding exhaust systems, air intake systems, air filters, brake components, turbochargers, and ignition systems to get the job done. We keep your Mazda well protected from tough driving and weather conditions while enhancing its functionality through superb exterior upgrades such as bike racks, off-road bumpers, trailer hitches, and tonneau covers. Your vehicle’s insides maintain a clean appearance when you integrate our huge line-up of interior accessories which include floor liners, seat covers, and custom gauges. Driving visibility on darker environments is improved through our wide range of off-road lights, fog lights, and replacement bulbs. Furthermore, TDot Performance also carries caliper covers, wheel, and tire accessories as well as high-quality installation tools for the Mazda.

An authorized vendor of the most highly regarded aftermarket upgrades, TDot Performance guarantees all the Mazda Parts and Accessories being sold are brand new, authentic, and properly packaged. All of them come with the official warranty provided by the original manufacturer. We carry the most innovative products of Accel, Eibach, Diablosport, Flowmaster, Husky Liners, and many other renowned names in our line-up. TDot Performance gives you the best prices in Canada for aftermarket parts.