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Established in 1985, the Merkur brand was a division of Ford Motor Company that engineered European executive cars. From the mid-sized luxury car Scorpio to the XR4Ti compact car, Merkur Vehicles prioritize superb handling and an attractive look in their overall design. Although the brand is no longer producing new models, current owners can still maintain the outstanding drivability of their Merkur by utilizing high-quality aftermarket upgrades to replace stock variants.

At TDot Performance, we carry a complete collection of Merkur parts and accessories. We promote a smoother and more comfortable vehicle handling through our huge collection of engine components, fuel systems, air filters, air intake systems, and exhaust systems. We offer high-quality suspension systems and performance chips which allow your Merkur to effortlessly adjust to any driving condition. We make certain you’re your braking is as efficient as your acceleration through a large selection of brake rotors, brake pads and, brake kits. TDot Performance offers exterior accessories and interior accessories to emphasize a cleaner appearance and better resistance against any driving obstacles. We have roof racks, car covers and, wind deflectors as well as high-quality floor mats. Lastly, we also have replacement bulbs and other reliable lighting components to certify better visibility at night.

TDot Performance is a well regarded and proudly Canadian aftermarket component dealer. Trusted by the most prestigious aftermarket brands such as EBC Brakes, Weathertech, Stoptech and, Mishimoto, we provide Merkur owners all the parts and accessories they will ever need to optimize their ride’s performance. When you buy your Merkur Parts from us, we certify an authentic and brand new product that’s coupled with the best prices in all of Canada. What’s more, we honor all the warranties given by the original manufacturer.