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Stylish and innovative, the high-speed sports cars and luxury rides of MG have been taking the automotive industry by storm since the 1920s. This British automotive manufacturer is highly regarded for its Midget two-seater sports car. With the passing of time, the brand would continue to evolve with more and more top-level vehicle designs including the MG TF roadster and the classic MG MGA sports car. MG would also take the motorsports industry by storm, notably winning the 2014 Manufacturer’s Championship in the British Touring Car Championship. In order to improve the driving quality of the MG, the modern driver turns to the automotive industry’s large collection of aftermarket upgrades to get the job done.

For MG owners, all the parts and accessories you’ll ever need to enhance its performance is right here in TDot Performance. We guarantee a significantly better overall power and performance when you integrate on of our high-quality air filters or complete air intake systems. We have headers, catalytic converters exhaust systems and, many other exhaust components as well as fuel filters, fuel pumps, radiators, thermostats, ignition coils and, many other high-end performance parts to fit different needs. We have a complete collection of suspension upgrades like bump stops, shock, and struts, and sway bars along with performance chips to give your MG improved stability on any driving condition. Furthermore, we have car covers to fully protect your ride when it’s not out and about while off-road lights and replacement bulbs certify superior visibility. The MG Parts and Accessories we carry are guaranteed to produce a precise fitment to your specific model.

TDot Performance is an authorized retailer of the top manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket industry such as Hawk Performance, Magnaflow, K&N, EBC Brakes and, Hella. We offer all of their latest and most innovative components and we guarantee that they come with the best prices you can find in Canada. To top it off, when you buy MG Parts and Accessories from us, all the included warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer are duly honored.