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MINI COOPER Chrome Tail Light Bezels Parts

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MINI COOPER Chrome Tail Light Bezels

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In 1959 the British Motor Corporation (BMC) has introduced a small economy car, named Mini. This car has become popular very quickly – it was considered a British icon of the 1960s and was characterized as the second most influential car of the 20th century. After 1968, the successors of BMC continued producing Mini until 2000.

One of the most famous models is Mini Cooper – it was created as a result of a partnership between BMC and the Cooper Car Company. In 1961 Mini Cooper was presented as a performance car. The first Mini Cooper came with a racing-tuned engine, twin SU carburetors, a closer-ratio gearbox and front disc brakes. Two years later, a more powerful model, called Mini Cooper S was launched – it featured better engine and larger servo-assisted disc brakes.

In 1990–1991 Mini Copper was released again. The new model, named the RSP (Rover Special Products), was available with a fuel-injected engine, a front-mounted radiator and a lot of safety upgrades. Although it featured slightly lower performance in comparison with the older models, the new Mini Cooper enjoyed high popularity, just like its predecessors.

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