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Mitsubishi is a Japanese automotive manufacturer renowned all over the globe for their huge assortment of outstanding cars, SUVs, MPVs, pickup trucks and, minicars. Lauded by many as an ideal driving solution for the modern driver, Mitsubishi Vehicles have been around since the 1970s. The company has produced some of the most well-engineered rides such as the compact Mirage G4, the tough Outlander PHEV, the unbeatable L200 pickup truck and, the sleek Lancer Evolution Sports Sedan. All these vehicles feature advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship to give drivers a smoother, safer and, more comfortable handling. To take Mitsubishi’s performance to a whole new level, aftermarket automotive components may be introduced to suitably replace stock parts.

TDot Performance is the go-to brand for a complete selection of the latest and most innovative Mitsubishi Parts and Accessories. As an authorized retailer, we offer all the high-quality products by the industry’s top aftermarket brands like Aries Automotive, Flowmaster, Edelbrock, Holley, Mishimoto and, Rancho. All the upgrades we carry are guaranteed to be original, fully-sealed, defect-free and, brand new. When you buy your Mitsubishi Parts from TDot Performance, they come with all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. Furthermore, shipment to your location in Canada takes only three to five working days.

TDot Performance guarantees that you’ll find the best prices for Mitsubishi Parts and Accessories in all of Canada. To generate higher levels of power and performance, we strongly recommend integrating aftermarket performance components like air filters, air intake systems, headers, exhaust pipes, ignition coils, spark plugs, fuel filters and, fuel pumps. We offer high-quality suspension components and performance chips for easy adaptability on any driving condition while our assortment of brake components ensures a more precise braking efficiency. We have interior and exterior accessories to improve Mitsubishi’s aesthetics and resilience against various driving obstacles. These include tonneau covers, car covers, mody kits, mud flaps, spoilers, floor mats and, car seats. What’s more, we have headlights, fog lights, off-road lights and, many other lighting components to enhance driving visibility.