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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of MITSUBISHI STARION Clutch Discs parts and accessories in Canada


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Established in 1982, the Mitsubishi Starion is a two-door turbocharged four-cylinder rear-wheel-drive sports car that showcases smooth handling and a cool aesthetic. This sports ride is one of the very first Japanese turbocharged vehicles designed with electronic fuel injection. It was engineered to rival GT sports cars like the Nissan Z-Series and the Toyota Supra. In its lifespan, the Starion features either a narrowbody or widebody configuration as well as a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. The majority of the Starion models came with a SOHC 2.0L Sirius 4G63 engine but the American market was offered the larger SOHC Astron G54B 2.6L Engine. Most of them had a limited-slip differential and anti-lock brakes as standard components. To maximize the driving quality of the Mitsubishi Starion, the modern driver turns their attention to aftermarket automotive upgrades. When it comes to where to buy the newest Mitsubishi Starion Parts and Accessories, there’s not a more reliable seller in Canada than TDot Performance.

Improve this vintage sports car’s stability and adaptability on unpredictable driving conditions by installing the newest suspension upgrades. For even better engine breathability, make use of our latest air intake systems, air filters, and cooling systems. Other performance parts we have include high-quality engine components, exhaust systems, ignition systems, batteries, and fuel systems. We also offer superb brake upgrades for superior and precise stoppage quality.

TDot Performance carries top-notch exterior accessories which include roof racks and car covers to improve the Starion’s appearance, protection, and functionality. We also offer a huge selection of interior accessories to maintain a cleaner inside appearance. Produce better visibility and a safer drive in the dark by utilizing our large collection of high-end lighting upgrades to illuminate roads. Other Mitsubishi Starion Parts and Accessories we carry include essential automotive tools that make the installation process, quicker and easier. We guarantee the best prices you’ll ever find in Canada coupled with a fast delivery system. As an authorized retailer of renowned brands like aFE Power, Mishimoto, Stoptech, Covercraft, and Thule, we sell only authentic upgrades that are brand new and properly packaged. If the original manufacturer provided a warranty for the parts you purchase then you can be certain that we will honor them. If you require any help locating the best upgrades for your Mitsubishi Starion, look no further than TDot Performance.


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