PaceSetter Universal Fit Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter

PaceSetter Universal Fit Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter

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  • PaceSetter Universal Fit Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter

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Do you know that sometimes a very effective system may fail if one of its components is weak? Things are identical with the exhaust system of your vehicle. You may provide your exhaust system with custom headers and fast-flowing tailpipes, but if the stock catalytic converter is not effective, the air flow may be slowed down, which in turn will decrease the performance of the entire exhaust system.

Fortunately, now there is a perfect solution for this problem - the exceptional PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter. Now you can change your ineffective stock model converter with a higher-flowing, much mightier unit - and this is the unparalleled PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter. PaceSetter's engineers have particularly created the Hi-Flow catalytic converter to significantly improve the work of your vehicle's exhaust system. The PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter is a very effective, perforated catalyst, which can provide much faster flow and remains smog legal. This enhanced catalytic converter is custom designed in order to match your particular exhaust system. The PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter works with less limitation and brings superior scavenging.

All catalytic converters manufactured by PaceSetter meet EPA and C.A.R.B. regulations for smog laws on catalyst-equipped vehicles. Now you are able to equip your vehicle with the strongest exhaust system ? and this will be fully street legal.

You Don't have to worry about the endurance as well ? the Hi-Flow catalytic converter is not constructed from shaky materials. PaceSetter produces its catalytic converters only from very enduring materials. The Hi-Flow catalytic converter is engineered with a fully-welded stainless steel body. This guarantees highest endurance. The Hi-Flow catalytic converter features a bolt-on installation on most vehicles and systems as well. The PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter is available with a complete 5-year/50,000-mile warranty. Don't hesitate - choose the high quality PaceSetter Hi-Flow catalytic converter and you will definitely not regret!

Please, keep in mind that each area has its own laws and regulations concerning the replacement of catalytic converters. These laws may be very harsh. This is why it is strongly recommended to look at your regional laws for rules about catalytic converter installation and replacement.

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