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Why do you need Performance Parts?

Performance parts just keeps getting bigger and better. And for gear heads, that is good news. Today, there are all sorts of goodies that you can throw into your vehicle’s engine to boost its performance and you’ve come to the right place to find them. Whether you are looking to make your snow-blasting SUV bigger and badder, or aim to make that sports car purr, we’ve got the stuff you want. And there are all sorts of ways you can enhance performance.

K&N Air Intake

Air Intakes

Your car needs to breath. And the simple fact of the matter is that stock air intakes and paper filters choke your car’s engine. Your engine needs oxygen in order to make the most powerful explosion inside its cylinders. Give it more air and you increase your vehicle’s performance. Just like that. Here, you’ll find a variety of different high-performance air intakes that open up your engine’s throttle. Snap a high-flow air filter into the intake and you’ve got a recipe for power.

Throttle Body Spacers

Pop throttle body spacers in between the intake and the throttle and you’ll see even more gains. These scientifically designed spacers force the air into an efficient cyclone. The oxygen is spread out evenly through the cyclone and your engine can consume oxygen aggressively. This gives you a more powerful detonation inside the engine and lets your engine use less gas to achieve more power. This means added MPGs.

Turbo Chargers

You can send your car’s horsepower through the roof with one of our turbo chargers. These beauties actively suck in air, condense the air by shocking it with cold temperatures and then force the cold, dense air into your engine. Cold, dense air is rich in power-boosting oxygen. This means less gas is needed to achieve a more powerful explosion, giving you better performance and gas mileage.

Exhaust Systems

More air in the engine means more exhaust gases. Your engine might get bogged down with the added air if you don’t have an adequate aftermarket exhaust. Our exhausts have wider chambers and can handle the added emissions with ease. This means you get to avoid back pressure, which kills the added performance of the intake and spacer.

EBC Brake Rotors

Suspension and Brakes

An aftermarket suspension can make your car leaner and meaner. The suspension will push the force of the tires down into the road for better performance and handling. Stock suspensions are known to let the road go, letting the engine’s power spin into the air. But you can end that with one of these fine Canadian performance suspension parts. A strong suspension will also give you better handling on the highway and on tight corners. The car will grip the road aggressively, giving you added braking power. With all that added power, you’ll want to upgrade those brakes. You want to accelerate fast and brake aggressively for safety and handling.

Under the Hood

Install high-end aftermarket transmission parts to get your vehicle shifting at the right range. You can add speed and torque with the right gear ratios and a proven, high-end transmission. A better fuel delivery system will get a better spray into the cylinders for a boost in power and better gas mileage. All that new power will require a better cooling system to keep your engine running smoothly. Install custom ignitions, electrical components and a batter to personalize your ride. And boost your engine’s capabilities by retuning the ECU with a performance chip especially designed for Canadian roads. You will find everything and anything you need to tune up your Canadian vehicle here at TDOT Performance.

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