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If you're looking to maximize your vehicle's driving quality, then you've come to the right place. Regardless of whether you need to upgrade for a high-speed race or an off-road adventure with your truck, TDot Performance offers a complete series of the latest performance parts and accessories to produce a significant boost in power, handling, fuel economy, and stoppage. Whether you need suspension components, air intake systems, air filters, transmission components, exhaust systems, brake upgrades, engine parts, or turbochargers, our services guarantee the most cost-efficient performance parts and accessories in all of Canada. Simply select and add all the parts you need before providing your location details and we’ll bestow a high-speed shipping service that’s free of any delivery tax to Brampton, St. Catharines, Vancouver, or anywhere else in the Great White North.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Considered Performance Parts?

Custom builders and racing enthusiasts often replace their vehicle’s stock parts and accessories with aftermarket components with the goal of elevating performance levels. Performance parts are reliable tools that improve a car's acceleration, braking, or handling. These components are divided into various categories with each of them benefitting a specific aspect of a vehicle. Exhaust systems, air intake systems, brake components, suspension systems, engine components, and turbochargers are just some of the different types of performance upgrades available in the market.

What Car Parts Improve Performance?

Integrating a powerful cold air intake system paves the way for a more ample supply of cool air into your fuel system. Users can guarantee a superb boost in horsepower and torque levels as well as improved gas mileage. It’s fairly easy to find an intake system that is CARB certified or with a street-legal profile plus, they can be quickly installed with just basic hand tools. An enhanced exhaust system is also a common yet highly-efficient performance upgrade. With a less-restrictive and higher-flowing profile, users can expect better expelling of spent exhaust gases and a superb performance boost. From cat-back and axle-back performance exhaust systems to headers and downpipes, there are many solutions for improving the stock exhaust. Meanwhile, suspension components and accessories like shocks, springs, and coilover kits enhance a vehicle’s handling profile and responsiveness so it can easily adapt to different driving conditions. Suspension lowering kits are available to produce a more aggressive stance while suspension lift kits allow the accommodation of larger wheels and tires. Lastly, upgrading your stock brake system with new brake pads, slotted and/or drilled rotors, and brake lines can quickly save your vehicle from a difficult predicament. These parts and accessories promote faster and smoother stopping power with less brake fade.

What is Meant by OEM Parts?

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This means that OEM vehicle components and accessories are genuine products engineered directly by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The main benefit of opting for OEM parts is that you’ll have 100% confidence that you’re getting components and accessories that are designed specifically for your vehicle by experts who know your vehicle best. As these are vehicle-specific components and accessories, you can guarantee a precise fit to your profile and resilience that reliably stands up to wear and tear. The biggest downside of OEM vehicle parts though is their higher price range and sometimes specific components can be difficult to find in the market.

What Does the Term Aftermarket Parts Mean?

Aftermarket vehicle components and accessories are products that are engineered by third-party companies based on OEM part designs. Regarded as alternatives to OEM variants that help save you money, aftermarket vehicle parts are often designed to be compatible with various makes and models. It is argued that when you select aftermarket parts and accessories, you won’t always get the same outstanding vehicle-specific fit of OEM products. However, this does not mean that their profile is inferior compared to OEM. With the consistent growth of the vehicle industry, you can find exceptional aftermarket performance parts and accessories that efficiently meet the standards of OEM components. If you’re residing in Canada, you can find a broad series of the most refined aftermarket exhaust systems, air intake systems, suspension kits, and other performance solutions right here at TDot Performance.

Aftermarket Car Parts at TDot Performance

Whether you're a truck enthusiast, a professional high-speed racing enthusiast, or simply, a daily driver, the aftermarket car parts and accessories from TDot Performance are certain to elevate your engine performance, style, and driving experience. Based in Toronto, Canada, we prioritize granting a service that ensures customers easily obtain the precise style of auto parts they need. This commitment to the customer has led us to call and make excellent partnerships with top manufacturers in the automotive industry. As an authorized retailer of brands such as Magnaflow, Edelbrock, Stoptech, and K&N, our online shop guarantees that all the performance parts you select and purchase are 100% authentic and in brand new condition.

Our complete collection has all the details of your ride’s performance covered. Our website services vehicles by Ford, Toyota, BMW, Chrysler, and any other popular brands. Starting with improved engine breathability, TDot Performance offers air intake kits and air filters to generate more performance gains while our headers, mufflers, and exhaust systems provide nothing less than a faster speed and a more aggressive sound. Call upon our lift kits, coilover kits, and other suspension components to bring forth better ride quality and a more imposing style. Distributors, ignition coils, and ignition controllers emphasize consistency when starting your engine.

Whether your Ford, Chrysler, Lexus, or Chevrolet has manual transmission or automatic transmission parts, TDot Performance carries the most effective parts and accessories to take care of your transmission's condition. This category covers clutch kits, driveshafts, transmission shifters, transmission rebuild kits, transmission modulators, transmission oil coolers, transmission fluids, and full manual and automatic transmission assemblies. We have all the engine assemblies and components you’ll need to service and optimize your engine’s condition including camshafts, oil filters, cylinder heads, cylinder head stud kits, engine pulleys, engine blocks, and complete engine assemblies. Furthermore, we have a plethora of brake components such as brake pads, brake rotors, and brake master cylinders to ensure that stopping your vehicle is as smooth as starting it.

Unbeatable Deals, Free Shipment, and Superb Customer Service

Keep your ride in top condition while paying less at TDot Performance. From our air intake systems to our engine cylinder heads to our brake master cylinders, all the products we carry come at an outstandingly cost-efficient price. Whether it’s Vancouver, Edmonton, St. Catharines, Brampton, or any other location details provided, you’re guaranteed to save some money as orders come with no additional customs, duties, or brokerage taxes from the starting price. The price details you see on our website are the exact price that you pay. In just three to five working days or less, our high-speed shipping service will have them delivered to your location in no less than tip-top condition, ready to be integrated into your car or truck. Topped by a convenient-to-call customer service, no other verified vendor can compare with our awesome deals, superior price, and unbeatable five-star quality service!

If certain aftermarket parts or products are trending then you can bet we'll be the first ones to have stocks ready to be delivered anywhere in Canada. We've got them all first, from complete exhaust systems to oil filters to performance tuners to engine cylinder heads. Our site provides complete descriptions of every performance product available so customers can easily view and compare their details. With a straightforward web design, users simply input the car parts they need and indicate their address in Canada, and we'll have them delivered in no time. We strongly recommend that you do view and compare product details to guarantee the proper fit to your car or truck’s needs and style.

If you need help or further details on a specific vehicle performance component, you can reach out to us directly. Regardless of whether you decide to call or email, our customer service will be sure to take care of you and ensure that shopping for the right performance parts is easy. Be sure to create an account at our website so you can quickly view the latest updates and details regarding cutting-edge performance products. Save your hard-earned money as our shop provides frequent product sales with fantastic price drops from the starting price.

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