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TDot Performance offers the best selection of Air Intake Systems including Air Filters, Air Intakes, Air Intake Parts, Intake Manifolds and other Performance Parts.


Factory intakes can be unreliable when it comes to rigorous driving applications. Aftermarket air intake systems are thoroughly designed to significantly enhance breathability and boost the performance of your vehicle. We want our customers to realize that adding an air intake to your vehicle is the easiest, safest, and most efficient way to see performance gains. That is why we carry the products of premium brands such as K&N, Injen, AEM, AFE, and more. When you order from us, you pay no customs, duties, border, or shipping fees.

What is an Air Intake?

An air intake is an incredibly vital part of your engine. Open up your hood and you will likely see a black plastic arm coming off the top of your engine. This arm contains a box and inside that box, you’ll find a paper air filter. This stock intake box will have an opening on it. This is where the air comes into the engine. It is filtered by the paper drop filter before it enters the engine. It then passes the oxygen sensor which senses how much oxygen is entering the engine. The sensor would then tell the spark plugs how much gas the engine needs for a proper detonation inside the cylinder. The oxygen in the air then feeds the combustion process inside your engine.

Paper filters are incredibly bad at letting air go by. This means that your engine gets less oxygen, forcing the engine to use more gas to achieve a proper explosion. Stock air intakes are also poorly placed. They are open to the heat of the engine, forcing the intake to suck hot air into the engine. Basic science tells us that hot air is less dense and carries less oxygen.

Aftermarket Air Intakes

Aftermarket air intakes are a lot more efficient. They feature steel mesh filters that are much better at letting air go through and into the engine. The high-performance air filter of an air intake typically has multiple layers of filter media to prevent the smallest dirt and debris from entering the engine without compromising airflow. They even clean the damaging particles out of the air more efficiently. Plus, they never need to be replaced. You simply need to clean them. This will save you money over the lifetime of your engine. You’ve probably heard of the innovator in this technology: K&N. While most aftermarket intakes feature a steel mesh filter, not all aftermarket intakes are made the same.

Short Ram Intakes

Short ram refers to the neck of the intake. These intakes feature a short arm that allows a lot of air to travel right into the throttle after passing over the large-face steel mesh air filter. These intakes work great on large engines when you are trying to improve torque.

Cold Air Intakes

As the name implies, cold air intakes are designed to reliably bring forth a significant amount of cooler air. More cold air increases the amount of oxygen available for combustion with fuel and since cooler air has a higher density, cold air intakes are very reliable in providing a huge boost of oxygen from outside the hot engine bay. These intakes provide all the cold air you could ever need to warrant optimized vehicle performance, especially during high-temperature driving applications. Cold air intakes suck in the air away from the engine. The engine is surrounded by hot air, so cold air intakes feature a long arm that reaches away from the heat-making engine. Sometimes these intakes even have a shield that keeps the hot air in the engine bay away from the filter. These filters work great to increase performance and fuel economy.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Aftermarket intakes allow more air into the engine. This means the oxygen sensor alerts your engine to send less fuel into the cylinder for combustion. With more oxygen, it takes less fuel to produce a powerful detonation. This means that you get a more powerful explosion using less fuel. This adds power to the engine and saves you money.

We want our customers to know that by adding an intake to your vehicle, they will see performance gains and save money. Installing an intake can be done by anyone that knows how to turn a wrench. So, invest a little money upfront, save money in the long run, and enjoy a more powerful vehicle.

Air Intake Systems in Canada

The best air intakes in today’s market are all available at TDot Performance. Search and read reviews all over the web and you’ll find that there’s not a more trusted dealer of air intake systems in Canada than TDot Performance. We are an authorized retailer of renowned aftermarket manufacturers which include the likes of Injen, AEM, Wix Filters, and aFe Power. Enter our easy-to-navigate site and you’ll find a plethora of the industry’s most sought after air intake components. What’s more, we offer a five out of five stars customer service that’s more than happy to give you a great shopping experience. Our network is always open to assist customers in finding the best cold air intakes, air filters, oil filters, and any other intake accessories to suit their specific vehicle model. Your search is over when it comes to the best deals in all of Canada as we promise you won’t find a lower price anywhere else. Adding to that, we guarantee fast shipping that’s free of any customs, duties, or brokerage fees plus optimized online security when purchasing. Learn more about the best air intake systems and air filters for your truck, car, or Jeep by contacting us at 1-800-276-7566, or by sending an email to