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Improve engine breathability by integrating new aftermarket air intake systems. TDot Performance is Canada's most trusted retailer that carries a large variety of air intakes to elevate horsepower and torque levels. If you're looking for the newest performance parts to maximize your vehicle's driving quality, we guarantee a complete selection and precise solutions for the lowest prices.

Integrating new high-flow air intake systems are a sure-fire means of boosting your vehicle's performance and drivability. These systems take the place of restrictive factory air intake systems to maximize airflow and bring forth increased horsepower and torque levels. These systems utilize a high-performance air filter with multiple layers of filter media to block off detrimental dirt and debris without compromising airflow. These air filters have a larger surface area for an increased amount of superior airflow. These air intake systems have flexible intake tubes that feature a mandrel-bent aluminum or molded polyethylene construction with large diameters and smoother bends for optimized airflow. Some systems incorporate air boxes which efficiently shield the filter from heat to give the engine cooler air that is denser and with more oxygen. Adding to that, some systems position the air filter outside the engine bay or in a scoop to funnel air to the filter.

TDot Performance is the go-to brand for a vast selection of aftermarket air intake systems. We offer top-quality air intake kits from well-regarded manufacturers such as Mishimoto, Airaid, Injen, DC Sports, K&N, and Spectre Performance. As an official seller, all the products we carry are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and properly packaged upon purchase. Certifying reliable and long-lasting quality, they come with all the official warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. As Canada's most reputable retailer of aftermarket upgrades, we ensure you won't a better deal or a lower price anywhere else. All your orders are free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees and we certify a quick shipment system that takes only three to five working days to complete. For more information about air intake systems, contact us today at 1-800-276-7566, or email us using the address