As a trusted retailer of premium vehicle performance parts, TDot Performance ensures that your vehicle's braking is as efficient as its acceleration through an extensive collection of aftermarket brake upgrades. Our collection includes brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers, and complete brake kits. These brake systems and parts ensure that your brakes are precise, stopping power is reliable, and your overall driving is safe. For the latest and most innovative brake pads, disc brake kits, brake master cylinders, brake shoes, brake fluids, and other essential brake components, there's not a more reputable brand in Canada than TDot Performance.


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The Essential Parts of a Vehicle Brake System

Smooth vehicle performance means that your car can stop just as fast as it can accelerate. A vehicle's brakes feature a combination of different components that work together to ensure the vehicle slows down and stops when the driver hits the brake pedal. Different types of brake systems use different kinds of components to produce a responsive performance and preventing unnecessary accidents on or off the road. Here are some of the crucial brake system pieces that ensure the driver is provided with maximum control of their car's brake system.

Brake Pads

Brake pads have often been one of the most neglected components when upgrading a vehicle. Brake pads provide the necessary friction, ensuring that stopping your vehicle is as efficient and smooth as its acceleration is. Suppose you find difficulty in making quick stops. In that case, it is definitely time to review your vehicle's braking components, as they may be damaged and your driving safety may be compromised. TDot Performance offers a large collection of vehicle-specific brake pads from prestigious brands such as Stoptech and EBC Brakes to ensure proper fitment for different vehicle models.

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are also essential components to ensure that your brakes properly stop your vehicle. Also known as brake discs, brake rotors are round, flat metal discs integrated into the wheel hub that serve as a durable wear surface for the brake pads. The brake rotors are what your vehicle's brake pads clamp down on in order to stop your wheels from spinning. Brake rotors also feature fins, slots, or vented patterns, allowing effective heat dissipation when temperature levels rise. Whether your ride requires slotted or drilled brake rotors, you can rest assured that you'll find with us the best long-lasting rotors that effectively dissipate more heat, reduce stopping distance, and prevent brake fade.

Brake Master Cylinders

The brake master cylinder works by converting the mechanical pressure provided by your foot on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. The brake master cylinder is essential in creating the necessary force to press the brake pads or shoes against the brake rotors or drums. The force applied to the brake pedal pushes a piston through the brake cylinder, converting the force into hydraulic pressure. The pressure pushes hydraulic fluid through the brake lines and to a secondary cylinder located at the braking mechanism of the vehicle's wheels. The secondary cylinders then push the caliper piston to deploy the brake calipers in disc brakes or the wheel cylinders in drum brakes to ensure effective stopping power and driving safety.

Brake Shoes

Mounted on the vehicle's rear axle, the brake shoes are curved-shaped components that sit in a drum brake system and feature a friction material fixed to one side. The use of brake shoes is quite similar to that of the brake pads in a disc brake system. By pressing the brake pedal, the brake shoes are forced against the inner surface of the drum brakes to produce the necessary friction and efficiently slow down the vehicle's wheels. The kinetic energy produced is then dissipated as heat.

How to Pick the Right Products and Avoid Hassling Returns

When selecting automotive parts for your vehicle, you need to check and ensure that the proper sizing and other requirements for fitment with other parts, such as rims and tires, are met. Learn more about proper vehicle fitment by making use of our website's part finder page and fitment data feature. This auto parts selector serves as the basis for any purchase decision and is available to users as a guide to check if products are compatible with their vehicle. Of course, putting the final decision on what parts to purchase lies solely with the user. If you're confused or having trouble finding the ideal brake pads, disc brake kits, or any other stoppage component that fits your specific year and model, we encourage you to consult one of our trained automotive professionals for assistance in selecting the appropriate parts.

Cost-Efficient Deals for Powerful Brake Upgrades

When it comes to precisely fitted and top-quality brake pads, brake rotors, and complete disc brake and drum brake systems, there's not a more trusted dealer in Canada than TDot Performance. TDot Performance is your number one source for top-end accelerating and braking upgrades that optimize your driving experience. The company guarantees ideal components to make your driving life in Canada safer and smoother. The tires and rims offered by the company come in various load and speed ratings. These upgrades meet the high standards of the automotive industry while exceeding the quality of the original equipment tire and rim installed in your vehicle.

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