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At TDot Performance, we want our customers to have the best driving experience possible. We care about both the car enthusiast and the average car owner, which is why we strive to educate all vehicle owners on why brake pads and rotors are so important.

Most people think that to maintain a healthy vehicle, all you need to do is a few routine checks: change the oil, check the tire pressure, check the coolant and brake fluid level, and occasionally change the brake pads. These are all very important, but brake rotors are just as important.

What are Brake Rotors?

The brake rotor is the metal disc that sits inside the wheel of your car. When you apply your brakes, the pad comes down and clamps onto the rotor. This creates the friction needed to stop the wheel and thus the vehicle. So if the brake pads wear down, then so do the rotors.

Your car probably has drilled rotors. This means that the disc underneath the wheel of your car has holes drilled into them. These holes allow heat from the braking system to escape. It also clears out any liquid, oils, or debris caught in the wheel. However, drilled rotors wear out faster than aftermarket slotted rotors and they pale in comparison to a high-performance rotor.

High-Performance Rotors

High-performance rotors feature slots along the rotor face. These slots channel heat, debris, and moisture away from the wheel. These slots give the rotor a lot more surface area, which allows the brake pad a lot more friction for stopping. They also give the rotor a more robust makeup so it won't wear down, even under extreme Canadian conditions. High-performance rotors are a must for a high-performance vehicle and they are a solid lifelong investment for the average car owner.

Brake Pads

Brake pads need to be changed a little more regularly, but they are just as important. We carry EBC brake pads, an entire line of brake pads highly regarded in the industry. They are ranked by a colour coding system that lets you know just how much stopping power each brake contains. They are made ready for daily wear-and-tear or high-end sports racing performance.

Performance Brakes in Canada

At TDot Performance, we understand the need for a variety of high-end brake pads and rotors. These aftermarket parts work well on any vehicle, and are a must-have for the high-performance driver. Our passion for high-end aftermarket parts is exhibited in our extensive line of brake parts from top brands like EBC, Hawk Performance, and StopTech. You can get the best brake parts that the world has to offer with free shipping to anyone ordering from a Canadian address.