Revamp your vehicle's factory brakes with our complete brake kits and bring forth a more reliable stoppage quality. Our brake kits come in a huge variety to accommodate different needs with most of them including high-quality brake pads and brake rotors. For top-quality brakes and superior performance parts, look no further than TDot Performance.


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Regardless if you drive a high-performance race vehicle or an aggressive off-road truck, integrating new brake kits are a sure means of improving stoppage quality and driving safety. Designed to produce shorter stopping distances while providing an appropriately firm pedal with less brake fade, aftermarket brake kits are essential for the most demanding driving conditions and the toughest competitions. From brake pads to brake rotors, these kits come with reliable and sturdy components engineered to work together to provide the ultimate braking performance. The main items in a basic brake kit include a set of performance disc brake rotors along with metallic or ceramic application-specific friction compound brake pads.

The rotors integrate top-quality materials like high carbon content or high silicon content cast iron or carbon-ceramic. This build allows it to dissipate heat and ensure reliability at high-temperature levels. Most of them are appropriately drilled or slotted to effectively vent heat and water. The contents of these kits and the material used vary depending on your specific application. We are an authorized seller of aftermarket brands that are renowned for cutting-edge engineering that places emphasis on a precise and reliable stoppage quality. These manufacturers include EBC Brakes, Power Stop, Stoptech, Brembo, and many others.

When you buy your brake kits from us, we guarantee that they are delivered to your doorsteps in just three to five working days. Orders are properly-sealed and free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. As a verified dealer, we honor all the warranties granted by the original manufacturer. TDot Performance is the Canadian driver's go-to brand for the best prices when it comes to aftermarket brake kits. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. If you happen to find another verified dealer with a lower price, let us know and we will beat them with a better deal. For inquiries or assistance regarding brake kits and other aftermarket upgrades, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or email us at