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Parking brakes or emergency brakes are essential in making certain a vehicle stays in place when parked. At TDot Performance, we offer high-quality brakes and fundamental performance parts to make certain your ride stops precisely and is kept secure when they are inoperative. We have hand brakes, release handles, drift sticks, and many others to suit different needs.

Parking brakes are a fundamental mechanical system that ensures your vehicle is at a full and proper stop when you leave it in a parking lot or your garage. This system can mean the difference between a car stopping and remaining firm on a steep hill or rolling downwards to the base of said hill. Also known as emergency brakes, these brakes may also be utilized when initiating a slide for drifting or overcoming the toughest turns. Parking brake systems come in a large variety to accommodate vehicles with either drum brakes or disc brakes. Vehicles that integrate rear drum brakes showcase an effortless parking brake system since the service brake shoes are also the parking brake shoes. Instead of being started by the hydraulic wheel cylinders, these shoes are activated through a series of linkages and cables triggered by a hand lever or foot pedal. Meanwhile, vehicles with rear disc brakes feature caliper motivated parking brake pads or parking brake shoes that function inside the brake rotors. The lack of use of the parking brakes may result in rusted and damaged cables and adjusters, especially on automatic transmissions.

Whether you need new handle covers, drift sticks, or release cables, TDot Performance is Canada's most complete and trusted retailer to meet all your needs. We are an authorized retailer of highly-regarded aftermarket manufacturers such as Rugged Ridge, Dorman, Crown Automotive, and Ford Racing. We guarantee the best prices and deals you'll ever find in Canada as your purchases come free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. We also duly honor all the warranties provided by the original manufacturer. Furthermore, customers can expect a quick shipment directly to their doorsteps in Canada when purchasing from us. For inquiries regarding parking brakes and other essential brake components, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or email us at

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