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High-quality water pumps are vital in keeping your engine cool and preventing it from overheating. Apart from protecting your engine, water pumps effectively save you more horsepower. For a broad selection of water pumps along with other excellent performance parts that optimize your cooling system, TDot Performance is the proudly Canadian dealer that ensures the newest products and the sweetest deals.

The water pump is utilized to circulate coolant through the cylinder head and block's network of passages and then out the radiator. Most water pumps feature aluminum castings with an integrated shaft within the pump that rotates on bearings. It has the belt-driven pulley at one end and an impeller at the opposite to appropriately move the coolant. A seal on the shaft keeps the coolant from contacting the bearings and from generating leaks. Most water pumps are mounted to the lower radiator hose. When the engine runs, the impeller suitably moves the coolant from the pump into the block through the network of channels, before traveling to the thermostat and then to the radiator. Signs of a worn-down water pump include coolant leaks and obnoxious noise from damaged shaft bearings as well as overheating. The majority of vehicles today feature a water pump that is driven by a belt from the crankshaft while some integrate electric water pumps.

Regardless of the type of water pump you need, TDot Performance offers a complete selection to ensure a precise solution. We are trusted by premium aftermarket brands like Edelbrock, Crown Automotive, Mr.Gasket, Spectre Performance, and Weland to provide Canadian drivers the latest and most innovative cooling upgrades. TDot Performance guarantees these outstanding parts and accessories come with the lowest prices and the best deals. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay as all your purchases are free of any customs, duties or brokerage fees. If you manage to find another official seller with a better deal than ours, please let us know and we'll make certain to give you a way better rate. For inquiries regarding water pumps and other cooling components, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at sales@tdotperformance.ca.