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Guarantee optimal engine performance by integrating our high-quality engine assemblies and engine components. TDot Performance is a top retailer in Canada that offers the latest and most innovative engine parts including camshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, oil filters, timing belts, valve covers, oil pumps, timing covers, and oil coolers. These engine components serve as an excellent upgrade or a precise replacement for damaged stock parts. As a competitive retailer, all these performance upgrades come with the best prices in the Canadian Region.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced car mechanic you will know that the engine of a car is the most important part of the car. However, unless you are an experienced car mechanic you may find the terminology details that surround engines to be confusing. Many things can affect your car's performance and there are many things that you can do to improve your car's stock performance.

Precision ignition operation will increase engine power. If your car or truck is misfiring it will result in a loss of power, increased tailpipe emissions, and wasted fuel. A good spark from a high-energy ignition system will make a lot of difference to the power you can get from your engines. However, you need to be careful about playing around with ignition timing as it can damage your engine and require expensive repairs if set too high.

Another way of improving engine performance is to use a larger and high-performance throttle body. Depending on what type of engine your car or truck has, you can gain 10-20 horsepower with comparable torque. As with ignition timing, too large a throttle can lead to a loss of power as not every engine is suited to a larger throttle body.

Increasing compression is another productive way of increasing horsepower. Increase compression and you will increase power as well. Compression and cam selection go together as cam selection affects cylinder pressure. Something that you might not think about is fuel line sizing. If you want to have a high-performance engine, then it will require plenty of fuel to perform. If you want higher horsepower then you need to increase your fuel line size.

Improving engine performance requires an understanding of how the engine works and the many factors that can affect its performance. We have a range of engine parts available and our knowledgeable staff are happy to help with any enquiries you might have. You can contact us at 1-800-276-7566, or email sales@tdotperformance.ca.

Basic Engine Components

Your car engine consists of several components that work together to keep your vehicle running smoothly. This includes the engine block, combustion chamber, cylinder head, pistons, and crankshaft for powering up the engine system; as well as camshafts with timing gears ensuring precise valve movement. Other engine components like valves, oil pans, oil filters, oil pumps, rocker arms, pushrods/lifters, and spark plugs are also necessary. All these engine components come together to form a complex and powerful machine.

The combustion chamber is where energy is generated in a combustive process. Fuel, air, electricity, and pressure come together to produce an explosive reaction that pushes the pistons up and down which then provides your car with power as you drive. The cylinder head is located atop the engine's cylinders providing space above the chamber for combustion. Intake and outtake valves, spark plugs, and fuel injectors can also be found within. As energy is created, the pistons are engine parts that would move up and down to supply the needed power to run a vehicle. Pistons have compression rings and oil rings that help create a tight seal around the combustion chamber and prevent any oil leakage. Engine crankshafts are pivotal in powering the up and down motion of the pistons. These engine parts link rubber timing belts to the camshaft so that power is transmitted to different components of your car.

Linked by a timing belt, the engine camshaft works in tandem with the crankshaft to ensure that intake and outtake valves open and close at precise intervals. The engine camshaft is linked directly to the drive train which serves to move power into your vehicle's wheels. The engine camshaft and crankshaft, when connected by a timing belt, ensure the precision of vital motor operations. The collaboration of these engine components is essential for the engine to work efficiently. The valvetrain is the engine component that regulates the movement of the valves. Besides the valves, this engine component includes parts like the pushrods and lifters, along with rocker arms. An engine incorporates two types of valves: the intake valve and the outtake valve. The engine's intake valves allow air and fuel to enter the combustion chamber while outtake valves efficiently remove exhaust produced by combustion from the engine.

The engine oil pan serves as a reservoir for the engine's lubricating oil, providing it with cooling and ventilation. To change the oil, the drain plug located at the bottom of the oil pan allows used oil to be easily disposed of. The oil pump keeps your engine functioning properly by drawing oil from the oil pan and distributing it to critical engine components such as rotating bearings, pistons, and camshafts. The oil pump ensures that these engine parts remain cool while metal-to-metal contact which can lead to expensive repairs is avoided. An engine oil filter is integrated to capture dirt, debris, and other harmful substances which may accumulate in motor oil over time. If left unchecked, these particles could be detrimental to the engine's performance. As the engine is running, the oil pump works to ensure that motor oil circulates through the oil filter and harmful particles are captured to maintain cleanliness.

Working with the cams from the engine camshaft, rocker arms press down on valves to allow air into the combustion chambers or to allow the exhaust to go out. If your engine has camshaft lobes that don't meet with the rocker arms, pushrods/lifters are engine components that are utilized instead to help regulate valve system operations. As the combustion process relies on fuel, the engine uses components known as fuel injectors to transport fuel into the cylinders. The spark plugs are integral components of the engine that ignite a mixture of fuel and air to produce the explosive reaction that pushes the pistons down. Furthermore, there are also various types of gaskets in an engine. These include the head gasket, intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, and oil pan gasket. The purpose of the gasket is to seal joints, flanges, and other mating surfaces to eliminate leaks.

The Best Deals for Engine Components in Canada

TDot Performance is Canada’s most trusted dealer for premium-quality engines and engine components. Our collection of engine components includes the newest camshafts, valves, valve covers, oil filters, oil pans, oil coolers, timing covers, timing belts, oil pumps, engine rebuild kits, motor oil, oil additives, and many others. Whether you’re looking to upgrade stock engine components or repair worn-down engines, our shop guarantees the lowest prices you’ll ever find in Canada. Simply provide us with your shipping details in Canada and we’ll have the new parts for your engines delivered free of any customs, duties, and brokerage fees.

Improving engine performance requires an understanding of how the engine works and the many factors that can affect its performance. The range of engine parts available certifies precise fitment to your specific needs. What’s more, our knowledgeable staff are always happy to help with any inquiries you might have. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-276-7566, or email us at sales@tdotperformance.ca for more details. When it comes to top-of-the-market engine components like timing belts, oil filters, timing covers, and valves as well as other aftermarket upgrades such as wheels, turbochargers, and suspension systems, there’s not a more trusted dealer in Canada than TDot Performance.