Looking for the perfect exhaust for original sound levels and unrestricted engine performance with zero-back pressure? Want to run faster, sound fiercer, and have more fuel efficiency? The right exhaust system will make that happen. TDot Performance offers a large variety of complete exhaust systems, all-diameter free-flowing exhaust pipes, mufflers, tips, and manifolds. As an authorized dealer of all of AFE, GReddy, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, MBRP, Borla, and other brands we carry, our customers are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. Choose your exhaust system, pay the lowest price, enjoy light-speed shipping!

Whether it is a single, dual, rear or side exit configuration, we have you covered. Some of the most legendary high-performance exhaust products are collected here - from race-inspired mufflers to high-performance exhaust kits, universal and direct-fit parts for a loud or quiet exhaust growl recognized everywhere.

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We here at TDot Performance want you to enjoy your driving experience. That is why we carry a full line of the best exhaust parts from manufacturers like Magnaflow, Borla, and Flowmaster. Each of these parts is designed to reduce back pressure, enhance performance and fuel efficiency, and give your car that satisfying grumble you've always wanted. Plus, our exhaust fixtures look great. Investing in your exhaust system is a win on all fronts - performance, fuel economy, satisfying sound, and stylish looks.

Each part of your exhaust system performs a slightly different function, but the whole system is designed to eliminate emissions from your engine. Using high-performance exhaust parts allow for air to flow freely through your engine. This lets your intake draw in more air, forcing more oxygen into your cylinders. Oxygen-rich air feeds a powerful explosion that uses less fuel, giving your vehicle more horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. But the exhaust comes in different pieces.


Your exhaust sits on your engine block in the exhaust manifold. The manifold takes the exhaust from each cylinder and forces it into one pipe. But stock manifolds cause a traffic jam of emissions, which creates back pressure. Back pressure stops your engine from sucking in the air it needs to perform at its max. High-performance headers give each cylinder an individual pipe, clearing up the bottleneck of traffic and allowing air to flow freely. Headers are also one of the easiest bolt-on aftermarket parts to install.

Cat-back vs. Axle-back Exhausts

The header feeds the emission right into the catalytic converter. The entire exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the back end of the vehicle is called the cat-back, known simply as a cat. Axle-back exhausts start at the rear axle and go to the back of the vehicle. This means that a cat has an extra component - an intermediate pipe.

Choosing between a cat or an axle-back can be a difficult decision. Gearheads prefer cats because they open up the exhaust even more, coming with a low gauge intermediate exhaust pipe. Axle-backs are preferred by those who want a sleeker look and better sound without the added performance.

Mufflers and Tips

You don't have to purchase an entire rig to get better performance. A wider muffler will give minor gains in performance and can give your car a better sound roaring down the road. Tips are the pipes coming out the back of the muffler. These pipes can be plated with chrome or set in flat black. They can also be tuned for a specific sound through a range of gears.

Exhaust Systems in Canada

Whatever you are looking for - better performance, better looks, or a more aggressive sound - you'll find it at TDot Performance. We offer free shipping to anyone ordering in Canada, while eliminating all customs, duties, and border fees.