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Installing a catalytic converter is an efficient means of decreasing toxic gases and pollutants in the exhaust gas. They are a vital component of your vehicle's emission control system. For a large collection of catalytic converters, exhaust systems, and other essential performance parts, there's not a more trusted brand in Canada than TDot Performance. Our online shop guarantees the most appropriate replacement catalytic converter for your application at the lowest price in all of Canada.

Catalytic converters are essential components of your ride's emission system and exhaust system. They efficiently convert the Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, and Oxides of Nitrogen that were produced during combustion into water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Most of these converters feature a resilient stainless steel housing construction that contains catalysts AKA particles that produce a chemical reaction without going through a chemical change themselves. Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the common materials that are utilized by the catalyst inside the converters. At the core of a catalytic converter is an open-channel ceramic monolith or metallic honeycomb substrate which serves as a support for the catalyst. The substrate exposes as much exhaust gas as possible to the catalyst so it flows through the converter, ensuring maximized and efficient conversion.

Two primary types of catalysts might be featured in a converter to deal with specific gases. These are reduction and oxidation catalysts. Depending on the vehicle’s specifics and the type of catalytic converter, a reduction catalyst might not be utilized. There are two primary kinds of catalytic converters. The two-way catalytic converter consists of oxidation catalysts, which facilitate the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. Furthermore, hydrocarbons are altered into carbon dioxide and water. In addition to performing identically to two-way variants, three-way catalytic converters have an additional reduction catalyst that further breaks down nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen gases. Diesel engines are known to utilize two-way catalysts, and the converters are also specifically engineered to work with diesel exhausts. The catalytic converters for these kinds of engines aim to reduce pollutants known as soluble organic fractions, which are made from hydrocarbons.

The Best Price for Catalytic Converters in Canada

For worn-down catalytic converters, TDot Performance offers a large selection of replacement converters that are EPA and CARB-compliant. Integrating the proper replacement catalytic converter would promote the efficiency of your car, directly affecting its overall health and performance. We carry direct converters that bolt right in place of factory variants along with universal converters that may require welding and pipe clamping for proper installation. We offer high-quality replacement catalytic converters from well-regarded aftermarket manufacturers such as Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Pacesetter, Omix-ADA, Crown Automotive, and Dorman.

As an authorized seller, we guarantee all the products we carry are 100% authentic, new, and backed by the warranties provided by the original manufacturer. We are the modern driver's most trustworthy dealer of premium replacement catalytic converters and any other aftermarket upgrades you could ever need. As Canada’s go-to dealer, we ensure the best prices and the sweetest deals that you’ll ever find for catalytic converters in the Canadian region. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay as the products we carry come free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. If you manage to find another official dealer in Canada with a better price for catalytic converters than ours, let us know and we'll give you an even better deal. TDot Performance promises fast shipment as your new replacement catalytic converters. If you need any information or assistance regarding replacement catalytic converters, please feel free to call us at 1-800-276-7566, or email us using the address