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Integrating aftermarket headers are a sure-fire means of improving engine breathability and exhaust flow. Headers efficiently minimize restrictions and bring forth elevated horsepower levels. If you're looking to upgrade with new headers, exhaust systems, and other superb performance parts, TDot Performance is Canada's go-to online shop for a complete collection.
<p>Bring forth higher levels of power by replacing your ride's restrictive factory exhaust manifolds with new aftermarket headers. Headers are designed to efficiently reduce exhaust flow restriction so your engine generates more power. They improve performance through the scavenging effect. This is the process where an exhaust gas pulse exits a header tube into the collector, generating a negative pressure wave that moves back up the header tube to the exhaust port during valve overlap. This pressure assists in pulling any remaining exhaust gas from the cylinder and drawing the incoming intake charge into the cylinder. Available with or without a catalytic converter, most headers integrate a stainless steel construction for superb durability and an extensive lifespan. Whether you need long-tube, mid-length, or shorty headers, TDot Performance guarantees a complete collection to precisely suit your specific needs. We are trusted by the aftermarket industry's most renowned manufacturers such as Flowtech, Hooker, BBK Performance, DC Sports, and Borla to distribute their latest innovations to car enthusiasts all over Canada.</p></p>All the headers you purchase from us are brand-new, fully-sealed, and come with all the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. As Canada's most reputable dealer of aftermarket upgrades, we guarantee the lowest prices and the best deals in the region. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay as the products we carry come free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. TDot Performance guarantees a quick shipment system that takes only three to five working days to complete. If you require any information or help locating the best aftermarket headers for your make and model, please feel free to call us at 1-800-276-7566, or email us using the address sales@tdotperformance.ca.</p>