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Fuel pressure regulators are vital parts of fuel systems as they appropriately control the magnitude of fuel pressure being brought to the fuel injectors of an engine. They can be relied upon even with sudden and drastic changes in fuel demand. At TDot Performance, we offer a large selection of fuel pressure regulators along with other high-quality performance parts to ensure your vehicle's operations are being optimized.

The fuel pressure regulator is utilized to maintain the amount of fuel pressure in an appropriate range so a sufficient supply of fuel is bestowed to the fuel injectors in just about any driving condition. They reliably make certain that there isn't excessive pressure at idle or insufficient amounts during wide-open throttle. Featuring a spring and a diaphragm, the regulator is installed onto the fuel rail. An integrated port fastens the regulator to the engine vacuum as well as the fuel return line which lets fuel properly flow back to the tank. At idle, the engine vacuum acts against the spring and diaphragm to move surplus fuel back to the tank.

When the throttle is opened, the reduced vacuum lets the spring and diaphragm suitably restrict return flow and ensure an ample amount of pressure for the increased pulse width. To replace damaged variants and ensure optimal engine performance, TDot Performance offers a large selection of fuel pressure injectors to meet the specific fuel pressure requirements of your vehicle. We are entrusted by the most highly-regarded aftermarket brands like Edelbrock, Holley, Crown Automotive, AEM, Mallory, and BBK Performance to distribute their top-quality fuel pressure regulators all over Canada.

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