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The suspension system is incredibly important for the performance of your vehicle and for your own safety. Most people think that a suspension system reduces the shock of a bump in the road, but it's actually quite the opposite. A suspension system's main objective is to keep the car down on the road. When your vehicle goes over a bump, the suspension system goes to work by pushing the wheels down onto the ground so that control and power are not lost. If the suspension system does its job, then the wheels stay pinned to the ground.

A high-performance suspension system gives you better control, more power, and the ability to brake sooner. It also saves you money since energy is not lost through wasted tire spins. When it comes to increasing your suspension's performance, there are a few ways to go about it.


Coilovers are shock absorbers that have a coiled spring loaded over them. These high-performance suspension parts can really have a positive impact on the performance of your vehicle. Some of these coilovers from brands like KW Suspensions, Megan Racing, or HSD can actually be adjusted after they've been put on your vehicle. This means that you can raise or lower the height of your vehicle. Their springs add to the longevity of the shock absorber and add some punch to your off-road vehicles.


We carry some of the best shocks in the industry, such as Bilstein, Rancho, Megan Racing, Rough Country, and more. These components create a dampening buffer between the frame of your vehicle and your wheels. They do a superb job of keeping your wheels to the ground. Good shocks get your car accelerating faster, braking harder, and handling better.


Manufacturers such as Eibach produce another product called a spring. These components are inexpensive and can have a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle. They can be installed with your existing shocks and used to lower your vehicle for an aggressive racing stance. A lowered vehicle has a lower centre of gravity which makes it easier to handle on highways and around corners.

Suspension Systems in Canada

Improved suspension systems are critical for anyone who is seeking performance gains. Investing in your suspension system will boost performance, handling, and safety while saving you valuable dollars at the pump. Contact us today at 1-800-276-7566 and we will help you find the right suspension parts for your vehicle!