Establish a smoother and more comfortable driving experience by integrating our wide selection of air suspension kits. Our air suspensions are integrated by the most refined and luxurious rides to generate and maintain the ideal ride height, ensuring a sporty quality regardless of the load being carried. At TDot Performance, you're certain to find the most innovative suspension systems and aftermarket performance parts.


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Bring forth exceptional ride quality and vehicle handling by integrating a new air suspension system. These systems make use of compressed air to establish an ideal suspension leveling and the ideal vehicle ride height even with heavy load. The majority of air suspensions not only promote a smoother drive but an adaptable one as well by allowing drivers to adjust the ride height for the proper clearance along with the firmness to generate a more sporty or comfortable experience. Typical air suspension systems feature air springs, shocks or struts at each wheel, an on-board air compressor, an electronic control module, as well as several air hoses that attach the compressor to the air suspension components at the wheels. An integrated dryer located at the compressor prevents moisture from getting into the system. Ride height sensors efficiently communicate with the control module for proper height adjustment. What's more, solenoids open and close so the air appropriately goes in and out of the air springs.

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