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Coilovers, which stand for “coil spring over strut” are one of the most essential inventions that top engineers have manufactured for the enhanced safety and performance of your vehicles. A coilover suspension is installed for a plethora of reasons but the main one would often be to elevate the overall driving quality in terms of stability and control.

Coil springs are engineered to reliably support the weight of your vehicle, ensuring stability when the body moves up and down. Shocks, on the other hand, effectively control the springs' fluctuations for better ride quality. Both these functionalities are bestowed upon you when you integrate high-quality coilover kits into your vehicle. A coilover is well-regarded for allowing users to precisely adjust their suspension to accommodate their specific needs. Coilovers come in a variety of configurations, wherein adjustment features differ according to your specific needs. Available in monotube and twin-tube designs, these coilover kits are top replacement parts that will surely take your suspension's performance to a whole new level.

Easy Ride Height Adjustment

Arguably, the best-known perk provided by coilovers is that all of them allow easy ride height adjustment. The integrated coil springs and shock absorbers ensure that suspension height can be adjusted effortlessly to achieve the performance preferences of different drivers. The raised or lowered height of your vehicle creates a more refined look, and it’s easy to adjust back to stock height if needed. With a lowered height, your car gets a stylish look while bottoming out is prevented.

Adjustable Spring Rate and Damping Characteristics

Coilovers are available in different configurations to accommodate different customers, with some allowing shock damping to be altered so that users can fine-tune their vehicle's handling. Coilovers with adjustable compression damping and rebound damping promote optimized suspension control, allowing drivers to adjust their suspension according to various driving conditions and vehicle characteristics such as overall weight. Some kits allow a single adjustment for compression and rebound damping, while others let users separately alter them.

Decreased Body Roll

Lowering the car’s height can help mitigate body roll when the vehicle is cornering. High levels of body roll result in reduced driving dynamics and stability problems. Most coilovers integrate stiff springs that provide better compression resistance that can help resist weight transfer and counteract body roll when the vehicle attempts to make a turn. Additionally, coilovers that offer adjustable compression and rebound damping allow the appropriate suspension modifications to respond efficiently to body movements and decrease body roll.

Improved Driving Comfort and Performance

The adjustable features of coilover kits allow drivers to obtain the proper settings that produce an ideal balance between driving comfort and performance. Drivers can set the damping characteristics of their shocks to ensure a more comfortable ride quality, even on bumpy roads and in rigorous environments. When you increase the damping force, you create a stiff and performance-oriented ride that’s ideal for sporty drivers looking for improved racing performance, better cornering efficiency, and decreased weight transfer during aggressive driving. Meanwhile, decreasing the damping force results in improved comfort that’s best for everyday commutes.

The Lowest Prices in Canada for the Most Well-Built Coilovers

TDot Performance is a reputable dealer of the newest and most efficient coilover kits on the Canadian market. We are an authorized seller of the automotive industry's most well-regarded manufacturers, including the likes of Megan Racing, KW Suspensions, Tein, H&R, Fox Shox, and Eibach. All the products our shop carries are certified to be authentic, well-packaged, and duly backed by the warranties provided by the original manufacturer.

We guarantee an outstanding shopping experience and the best prices you'll ever find in Canada, as what you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. When you buy your car parts from our shop, they will be shipped fast and there will be no need to pay for any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. If you do find a better rate from another official seller, let us know and we promise to provide a more excellent deal that you surely cannot refuse.

If you have inquiries regarding coilover kits or any other vehicle products, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at at any time. Our customer service is more than happy to answer all your questions. Whatever your vehicle model, preferred brands, or budget, you can expect the team to help you find, order, and install the right options that precisely fit your specific application.