For transmission and drivetrain upgrades, TDot Performance is the most trustworthy dealer when it comes to the industry's latest performance parts. We carry a broad selection of automatic transmission assemblies to suit different driving personalities. These assemblies are designed with emphasis on a smooth and precise driving quality.


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Restore the shifting quality and the overall drivability of your vehicle to like brand new by integrating a high-quality automatic transmission assembly. This assembly makes certain engine power is appropriately transferred to your wheels as it lets your vehicle move forward and backward in varying speeds and power levels. The majority of vehicles feature the gearbox attached to the engine's crankshaft. The gearbox reliably bestows power from the crankshaft to the driveshaft. The driveshaft would then move the rotational energy to your differentials, which are responsible for moving your wheels. A very essential part of your ride, assemblies need to be quickly replaced when their components get damaged. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, TDot Performance offers a vast collection of automatic transmission assemblies that are precision engineered to be sturdy, long-lasting, and an efficient solution to just about any driving application. We carry the cutting-edge automatic transmission assemblies engineered by renowned aftermarket brands such as BD Diesel and B&M.

Since we are an authorized dealer, you can rest assured that all the purchases you make in our shop are 100% authentic, brand-new, fully-sealed, and backed by the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. TDot Performance provides the best deals and the lowest prices in the region as the price you see on our website is the only amount you need to pay. Regardless if you reside in Toronto or Montreal, all your orders come free of any customs, duties or brokerage fees. If you find another official seller with a lower rate than ours, do let us know so we can give you a better deal that easily beat theirs. To top it off, we guarantee a quick shipment system where orders take only three to five working days to reach your location in Canada. If you have any inquiries regarding the best automatic transmission assembly for your make and model, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at