Clutch discs appropriately link your ride's engine to the transmission's input shaft. From street to race variants, we carry a wide selection of clutch discs to ensure a smoother and more reliable driving experience. For transmission and drivetrain upgrades like clutch discs along with fundamental performance parts, there's not a more reputable seller in Canada than TDot Performance.


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The clutch disc is a fundamental part of your vehicle's clutch assembly. It is the driven member that is responsible for fastening the engine with the transmission and driveline. A clutch disc features friction material on both sides of its perimeter which appropriately contacts the flywheel face on one side and the clutch pressure plate's pressure ring on the other. The friction material and the clamping force of the pressure plate make certain the flywheel or pressure plate effectively transfers all the engine's power to the transmission input shaft.

With the clutch pedal pushed, the release bearing is moved against the pressure plate diaphragm spring through the hydraulic or mechanical linkage. The spring moves the pressure plate away from the clutch disc, resulting in the engine disconnecting from the transmission. Once the clutch pedal is released, the pressure plate produces pressure to the disc and moves it against the flywheel, resulting in engine power being bestowed to the transmission input shaft and driveline. Every time the clutch operates, the clutch disc appropriately slows down or speeds up, resulting in a production of heat and wear. A modern clutch disc is designed to withstand these factors while engaging and disengaging reliably.

For worn-down clutch discs, TDot Performance carries a huge assortment of aftermarket variants to serve as superior replacements and bring forth optimal clutch performance. We are a verified dealer of highly-esteemed aftermarket manufacturers which include ACT, EXEDY, Ford Racing, Omix-ADA, and Crown Automotive. As Canada's most trusted seller, you can rest assured that all your purchases are 100% authentic, brand-new, and covered by the warranties bestowed by the original manufacturer. TDot Performance offers the industry's most sought after transmission and drivetrain parts that are coupled with the lowest rates in the whole Canadian Region.

For drivers residing in Canada, what you see on our website is the exact amount you pay as all your purchases come free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. If you do manage to find another official retailer with a better deal than ours, do let us know and we'll make sure to beat their prices. Furthermore, we guarantee reliably fast deliveries that take only three to five working days to reach your location in Canada. If you have inquiries regarding clutch discs or any other transmission components, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at