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Transmission shifters serve as the apparatus which lets drivers switch between gears. At TDot Performance, we offer a huge selection of resilient transmission shifters to certify a smoother and more precise driving experience. We are Canada's top retailer of the most innovative transmission and drivetrain upgrades along with other high-quality performance parts.

Replacing worn down transmission shifters is an excellent means of ensuring reliable shifting performance and smooth vehicle operations. Regardless if you need manual or automatic transmission shifters, TDot Performance is the Canadian driver's most trusted retailer that guarantees a complete selection. Our shifters are manufactured with regards to original equipment specifications so you can expect superb quality and precise fitment. A lot of manual transmissions and some automatic transmissions feature mechanical linkage rods and levers to transform shifter movement to transmission gear changes.

These linkage rods and levers are designed with bushings at the connections, which may wear out over time and produce shifting problems like loose shifter feel and difficulty going into gear. They may also get damaged from metal-to-metal contact which elongates mounting holes and deteriorates shafts. External manual transmission linkage may get damaged due to being exposed to the harsh elements and road contaminants while the internal linkage can also get damaged due to worn down shift rail springs and dislodged detent balls. Transmission cables may stretch or break and the transmission shifter bodies on externally mounted shifters may get potentially damaged if proper lubrication is not done.

We are a trusted dealer of renowned aftermarket manufacturers which include Hurst Shifters, B&M, Skunk2, Ford Racing, BD Diesel, and Omix-ADA. Our transmission shifters are not only engineered to exceed the high standards of modern driving but they are also coupled with the lowest rates and are free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. We provide excellent customer service and quick shipments that take only three to five working days to arrive at your doorsteps. As a verified retailer, all your purchases are certified to be 100% authentic, brand-new, well-packaged, and backed by the warranties provided by the original manufacturer. If you do manage to find another official seller with a better price than ours, please let us know and we'll make sure to provide a much sweeter deal. For further inquiries regarding transmission shifters, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at