TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian dealer that offers the newest and most innovative performance parts in today's market. We offer turbochargers to maximize your vehicle's power and performance, especially in racing and motorsports applications. We also have a huge selection of intake manifolds and downpipes to guarantee optimal engine operation when the turbocharger is integrated into the vehicle.


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Turbocharger manifolds and downpipes are essential components of your turbocharger system in ensuring a powerful, consistent, and long-lasting driving quality. Turbocharger manifolds are a series of pipes that efficiently collect exiting exhaust gases to be moved into a merge collector. Theses manifolds come in a variety of sizes, constructions, and appearances to better accommodate different applications. Downpipes reliably transport exhaust from the turbocharger to the exhaust pipe. The turbocharged engine's exhaust moves through the head, into the manifold, the headers, the turbo, the downpipe, the catalytic converter, and then out through the exhaust pipe. Typically made using stainless steel these downpipes are often designed with a wider dimension than stock variants to reduce restrictions.

TDot Performance is a verified dealer of internationally acclaimed aftermarket manufacturers including the likes of DC Sports, Weiand, aFE Power, and Edelbrock. We carry a vast selection of high-quality turbocharger manifolds and downpipes to accommodate different needs and preferences. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay for as we make it our mission to provide the lowest rates and the best deals in the whole of Canada. Regardless if you're from Montreal or Toronto, we promise that you won't need to pay for any customs, duties or brokerage fees. Our shipment system is reliably quick and hassle-free so expect your deliveries to take only three to five working days to arrive at your location. To top it off, if these turbocharger components are duly backed by the official warranty bestowed by the original manufacturer. For inquiries regarding the ideal manifolds and downpipes for your specific make and model, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566, or send us an email at Our experts are always ready and glad to assist you in making the right purchase.