Recaro LTW.00.000.NR11 - Expert M Black Nardo Seat

Part ##LTW.00.000.NR11

Recaro LTW.00.000.NR11 - Expert M Black Nardo Seat

Part ##LTW.00.000.NR11
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The Recaro Expert M Seat has many good features including the easy access to allow you to have an effortless method of getting in and out of the car seat, a padded lumbar support which you can upholster to alleviate your spine's stress, an extended seat cushion, and a pre-shaped side bolsters. It also is equipped with an adjustable backrest side bolsters on either side, backrest tilt-forward release on each side, and an adjustable headrest.

The Expert M is similar to the Expert S, and this model has a long and flat seat cushion that is specifically designed to accommodate car drivers who are medium sized to large in body built. This product is for those drivers who have the need to frequently get in and out of their vehicles, and this seat is patterned for vehicles that feature a door that is located in some distance or significantly higher from the ground, like the 4 x 4 vehicles, vans, and many more. This product is created with a seat cushion extension that provides better support for your thigh in order to help relieve tension in your muscles. The Recaro Expert M Seat also has a completely upholstered reliable headset.


  • Position: Driver and Passenger
  • Style: Black Nardo With Black Artista Insert
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • Belt Style: 3-Point


  • Hand-Crafted
  • With Unique S-Shaped Structure that Gives Built-In Lumbar Support
  • Integrated Lumbar Support Technology
  • Manual Adjustable Back Bolsters that Adjusts to Your Body
  • With Mildly Bolstered Seat Cushions that Offers Support and Easy Access
  • Manual Seat Adjustment
  • Dual Manual Seat Back Release that Move Seat Forward and Backward for Easy Access to Rear Seat of the Vehicle
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Upholstery Sewn with Precision
  • Equipped with Manually Adjustable Thigh Extension and a Flat Seat Cushion

Recaro is a German automotive company. The company is based in Kirchheim under Teck, Stuttgart. It was founded in 1906 by Wilhelm Reutter. For the past few decades, they have become renowned produces of racing- style seats for aftermarket sales and also OEM racing seats for car makers. At first, they started out by building car bodies for limousines, Volkswagen Beetle, and Porsche 356 sports car. Then in 1965, Recaro debut the first sport-styled seats for cars and ever since they have continued to break ground in the world of automotive car seats. They have manufactured over time: the world lightest car seat, the most innovative commercial vehicle seat, the first retrofit sports seats.

Recaro is a global brand with its operations expanding into the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Japan, and France. To be the world's leading producer of OEM and aftermarket racing seats, Recaro had to build their seats with the premium-quality materials and some of the best craftsmanship out there, in order to meet and surpass consumer requirements. They also produce seats for airlines, most notably Lufthansa and in 2017 alone they sold over 120,000 plane seats. Recaro is a household name for racing-style car seats.

Part Number:LTW.00.000.NR11


  • Position: Driver and Passenger
  • Style: Black Nardo With Black Artista Insert
  • Logo Color: Silver
  • Belt Style: 3-Point

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