Timbren HST5 - 10000 lbs. Front Suspension Enhancement System

Part #HST5

Timbren HST5 - 10000 lbs. Front Suspension Enhancement System

Part #HST5
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The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is highly-regarded for enhancing a vehicle's handling and ride quality. If your vehicle is accommodating a trailer or a loaded truck bed, this suspension upgrade ensures improved stability and comfort while preventing bouncing and bottoming out. This upgrade efficiently decreases sag and sway while you're towing, effectively cushioning your shocks and keeping the vehicle consistently level. With an independent blueprint, you can rest assured of better roll stability when hauling uneven loads.

This suspension system incorporates progressive-rating patented Aeon rubber springs to absorb road shocks and adapt to uneven road conditions. As the load gets heavier, the spring pushes back harder to ensure the load is kept level. Whether it be snowplowing, RVs, work trucks, or any other demanding application, the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System guarantees a smooth and comfortable experience at all times. This suspension upgrade comes in various vehicle-specific configurations to warrant a precise fit and optimized functionality. Installation is straightforward and hassling maintenance procedures aren't necessary to preserve this suspension system's quality.


  • Suspension Enhancement System
  • Weight Capacity 10000 lbs
  • Winged Snowplow
  • Front


  • Better Ride Quality
  • Added Stability
  • Easy Installation
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Aeon Rubber Springs Have a Progressive Spring Rate
  • Prevent Suspension Sag
  • Eliminate Roll and Sway
  • Lifetime Warranty

Founded way back in 1965, Timbren is a highly-regarded manufacturer of aftermarket suspension systems. A family-run company, Timbren's goal has always been to produce suspensions that work more efficiently. It was in 1968 where Timbren elevated the standards in suspension systems with their exceptional Aeon Rubber Springs and SES (Suspension Enhancement System) Suspension Upgrade Kits. The Aeon hollow rubber springs effectively absorb road shocks and adapt effortlessly to various road conditions. Meanwhile, the Timbren SES Kits are designed to enhance load-handling while eliminating sag and sway to ensure a smoother ride while hauling heavy loads.

Unlike low-quality suspension components, Timbren offers better roll stability and decreased sway to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride quality, regardless of road or load condition. As a company that continuously researches and designs their products to meet the needs of the time, Timbren Suspension Upgrades are unlike any other and they have received a number of awards and industry recognitions to prove it. Adding to that, Timbren sees to it that their suspension upgrades come at an affordable price so their customers won't have to spend a fortune to elevate their vehicle's drivability. What's more, Timbren Industries is an ISO 9001 registered company which means you can rest assured that all their products efficiently suit today's stringent safety and performance standards.

Part Number:HST5


  • Suspension Enhancement System
  • Weight Capacity 10000 lbs
  • Winged Snowplow
  • Front

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