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At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of SAAB Brands parts and accessories in Canada

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From family vehicles to motorsport cars, Saab has been a familiar automotive face for many years. If you own a Saab and want to keep it running in fine form, simply check out the range of parts and products here at TDot Performance.

A top-notch system

You can build a brilliant system for your Saab with the products available here at TDot Performance. We have parts designed to enhance the capability of your car’s fuel usage, ignition, battery, and air intake. Check out the individual product pages for more information or give our team a call to find out everything you need to know.

Enhance the interior

It’s easy to turn your Saab’s interior into a comfortable, classy space with the terrific selection of products at TDot Performance. With custom gauges, cargo liners, floor mats, and sunshades all available, you can completely transform the inside of your car at a minimal cost or effort. Every product comes with a high-quality guarantee and can be purchased in just a couple of clicks.

Make transportation easy

If you’re embarking on an adventure or vacation, you’ll probably be taking your bike, trailer, or holiday home along for the ride. At TDot Performance, there are all kinds of different products available that can help to make transportation considerably easier. These include roof racks, bike racks, trailer hitches, and billet grilles.


We’ve also got a wide range of Saab wheel products stocked here at TDot Performance. These include caliper covers, brake parts, and a number of different tire and wheel accessories.

Do you have any questions about the parts we have for sale? Are you looking for a particular product you don’t see listed among our range? Simply dial 1-800-276-7566, or send an email to We’ll do everything we can to help.