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With its compact size, the Scion iM Hatchback is highlighted by its easy drivability and modern appearance. Established in 2016, the iM is designed with a 137HP 1.8L four-cylinder with either a six-speed manual transmission or a sport-tuned continuously variable transmission with seven stepped shift points. Other features include a quiet cabin, sporty alloy wheels with low profile tires, a fully-colored multi-information display as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. Versatile and affordable, the Scion iM is an excellent choice for city driving and daily commutes. To significantly boost the driving quality of the Scion iM, modern drivers and car enthusiasts make use of aftermarket automotive upgrades to get the job done. When it comes to where to buy the latest Scion iM Parts and Accessories in Canada, look no further than TDot Performance.

Give the Scion iM better stability and allow it to effortlessly adapt to different driving situations by installing new suspension upgrades such as coilover kits, coil springs, and lowering kits. We offer air intake systems and air filters for unrestricted engine breathability as well as top-quality engine components for improved power and smoother handling. Adding to that, we have a wide range of brake pads, brake rotors, and complete brake kits to warrant stoppage power that’s as reliable as this car’s acceleration.

TDot Performance offers both interior and exterior accessories to enhance the functionality of this compact ride as well as its overall appearance. We have a complete collection of car covers, roof racks, trailer hitches, wiper blades, floor mats, and cargo liners. Furthermore, we make certain that driving at night will never be an issue thanks to our high-quality auxiliary lights, replacement bulbs, and many other lighting upgrades. All the Scion iM Parts and Accessories we carry come with the best prices you’ll find in the Canadian Region. As an authorized seller of international brands like Putco, Powerstop, Weathertech, and Megan Racing, all purchases are certified to be authentic, brand-new, and will be delivered to your location in quick time. If the original manufacturer provided a warranty for the parts you purchase then you can bet that we will honor them.