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Bestop Supertop NX

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Bestop's Supertop NX Complete Replacement Soft Top features tinted side and rear windows, and large OEM style rear curtain, but doors are not included. Supertop NX is the leader among the Bestop's soft tops. Bestop's Supertop NX Complete Replacement Soft Top is a factory style top, which is available with factory style door surrounds, factory style windshield channel and tinted windows. However, Supertop NX is also improved with some of Bestop's latest innovations - for instance, Top Arch. The Top Arch covers the front seat area to protect the top from flapping and reduce puddling after strong rain. The Supertop NX features some other upgrades as well - a bow mount adjustment plate for top tensioning, and fold back hinges that are able to instantly make a sunroof for open air motoring. Bestop's Supertop NX Complete Replacement Soft Top is a full soft top, which contains fabric, zip-out replaceable tinted side and rear windows, door surrounds, tailgate bar, and all necessary hardware. Moreover, the Supertop NX is offered with classic premium vinyl fabric, multi-ply Sailcloth, and lavish Black Twill.

The average soft tops may be great at the beginning. Nonetheless, even if you maintain them properly, they will still become weathered. Crack and tears will appear. The fabric will start fading. The windows may become dirty and yellow. The supporting hardware - the bow assembly - may become shabby as well. Then its parts are flawed and broken. As a result, the top can no longer maintain its form. If the hinges are in poor shape, not tight or binding, the top will hardly lower or rise. The best solution for all these problems is the Bestop's Supertop NX Complete Replacement Soft Top! When you fold it, the top fits completely behind the rear seat. The Bestop's Supertop NX also contains new and enhanced door surrounds, identical to OE style door surrounds.

With Bestop's Supertop NX you can choose from different fabrics - premium vinyl offered in several colors, multi-ply Sailcloth in Black Diamond, and the unique Black Twill. Only chic sports cars like Jaguar and Lamborghini, and exclusive cars like Rolls Royce previously used the Black Twill fabric.

If your Bestop's Supertop NX is available with a premium grade fabric, this fabric will keep its form in any weather conditions. It provides protection from mildew and UV as well. Thus, the fabric is resistant to fading. The exceptional, heavier, multi-ply Sailcloth fabric, available in Black Diamond, creates one of the most silent soft tops you can find. Each ply has a different function. However, together they reflect road sounds, consume wind noise, and avert buffeting in order to make a silencing effect. Plus, the multi-ply fabric improves insulation. As a result, you will have cooler cab during the summer and warmer cab during the winter. With the Black Twill you can greatly improve your Jeep for better appearance. The Black Twill is a 30 oz. fabric, which includes 3 layers: the exterior Black Twill, a center butyl rubber layer, and the interior cloth backing. The Black Twill is delicate, smooth and wrinkle resistant. Moreover, it doesn't contain PVCs. You will have more finished cab, thanks to the innovative textured finish of the interior cloth backing. The combination of all 3 layers decreases noise and enhances insulation. Consequently, your cab is more silent and is provided with moderate temperatures during all seasons.

With the Supertop NX you get long-lasting soft top construction, guaranteed by the industrial strength thread. You are also well protected from water, thanks to the sealed seams. The underlying support hardware is manufactured from high-durable steel and OEM style thermoplastic polymer. The powder coated steel stays sturdy, because it is protected from rust. With this top mechanism you are able to fold back the top in minutes. In addition, with the fast release bow knuckles you can fully remove the top from the vehicle fast and effortlessly. The Supertop NX also contains bow mount adjustment plate. Thanks to this plate, the top will stay compact despite the age and the temperature.

The heat sealed, DOT certified windows are hold with durable molded tooth zippers for water protection. Furthermore, with a 31% tint on premium vinyl and Sailcloth tops you are also protected from the burning sun. The Black Twill top is available with industry-leading 40-mil. DOT certified windows with 31% tint, the densest in the industry. With the zippers you can remove the side windows and roll up the rear window for open air motoring. As a whole, both window removal and installation are effortless with these zippers. Moreover, you don't have to open the rear window in order to open your tailgate, thanks to the tailgate bar. Therefore, you receive an easy access to your tailgate, on most applications.

The Bestop's Supertop NX contains everything necessary for the installation. This soft top also comes packaged with comprehensive instructions with pictures for even easier installation. Usually, the whole assembly procedure takes about 3 hours - at temperatures of 72F or higher. However, in lower temperatures the fabric may contract to some extent. Thus, it will harder fit to your vehicle. The premium vinyl and Sailcloth tops are provided with a limited 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Furthermore, the Black Twill top is available with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Thus, the Black Twill top is the only soft top you can find with such long warranty.

Bestop was found in the early 1950s in Boulder, Colorado by Thomas Bradley. At the beginning, the company was an auto upholstery shop for producing soft tops for Jeeps during slow periods. Nowadays, Bestop is the world's largest soft top maker. The company produces almost 200,000 tops every year. In addition, Bestop has become a factory original supplier of soft tops to Chrysler, Suzuki, Isuzu, GM, and Toyota. Since 1986 all Jeep soft tops have been originally manufactured by Bestop. But Bestop doesn't create only soft tops. On the contrary, the company is also a leader in producing of Jeep and truck accessories, such as bumpers for drivers who like rock crawling, electrically powered running boards, retractable bed steps, seats, floor liners, and vehicle storage and cargo carrying accessories. Thanks to its almost 60 years' experience, unique and innovative design and engineering, Bestop manufactures the best Jeep and truck accessories you can find. Moreover, the company's production meets or surpasses OEM quality standards.


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