Brembo GT Big Brake Kit

Brembo GT Big Brake Kit

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Brembo brake system holds a higher rank among the top aftermarket brakes out there. If you've just upgraded to these market leader brakes, it's time to install the Brembo GT Series Handbrake Kits. Doing this will allow you to retain the rear brake calipers for your parking brakes. In turn, you'll continue to use your car's handbrake as usual without making any major adjustments.

The Brembo GT Series Handbrake Kits consist of single-piston calipers made of aluminum. Their functionality is entirely mechanical, which means you won't have to worry about the stresses of the hydraulic brake system. When you buy these handbrake kits for your GT Series, you'll also get the mounting brackets to help you reposition the parking brake calipers over your rear brake discs.

When it comes to durability, the handbrake kits by Brembo are unquestionable. They're engineered with high precision technology to guarantee long-lasting durability and performance. Their aluminum alloy body offers resistance to corrosion while also maintaining a lower weight to guarantee maximum efficiency.

These handbrake kits are handy as you can also use them on commercial vehicle applications. Their reliability makes it possible to install and use them where the efficiency of the parking brakes is highly critical.


  • Made from High-Quality Materials for Durability
  • Guaranteed Brembo Brakes Craftsmanship
  • Allows Parking Brake Operation
  • Fully Mechanical Operation
  • Caliper Body is Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
  • Single Piston
  • Available In Black Finish
  • Designed to Meet or Exceed Factory Standards
  • Made In Italy

Brembo is a renowned global leader and manufacturer of automotive disc brakes. The Italian company specializes in the design and production of highly reliable brake systems for performance vehicles and motorcycles. With operations in more than 15 countries worldwide, Brembo is no longer an Italian brand, but a force commanding the entire automotive brakes industry.

The firm started with a humble beginning in a municipality in 1961. For 60 years, the company has continually improved its production processes to become a force in the industry. Brembo is renowned for its high-efficiency disc brakes which are prominently used in leading racing car competitions such as F1. The manufacturer combines performance, style, and comfort in their braking systems to provide driving convenience like no other.

Today, you'll find Brembo disc brakes in high-end cars like Ferrari, Porche, Corvettes, and Lamborghini. The main selling point of the brakes is that they provide a short braking distance on super fast acceleration engines.

Brembo expanded its operation into the US during the 80s after setting up its facility in the US. American car manufacturers, mechanics, and distributors today only understand the efficiency of Brembo brakes when it comes to high-performance motorsport cars. Brembo keeps getting better each year, thanks to their unwavering focus on high technologies to produce the world's reliable brake systems.


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